MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Interstellar’ – or, movie stars are BIGGER than actual stars!

The main takeaway from Interstellar is this –

What is big, dark and terrifying and has a gravitational force so powerful that it sucks in nearby planets and stars and not even LIGHT can escape it?? No, not Gabrielle Sidibe. A cosmic black hole!
But when it comes to quantum physics, nothing equals the star power that is the indestructible Matthew McConnaughey! -who is so cool he survives a black hole and comes out on the other side looking better than ever!

We find out that the world will not end by aliens (ID4), or ice (Day after Tomorrow), or gigantic waves (2012), or zombies (pick a movie) – but by DUST. Plain ol’ dust will wipe us all out.

Hey look – is that a wormhole?! 😀


The Goods:

Christopher Nolan can do no wrong. He can only do varying degrees of ‘very right’.

The concept is forward thinking. Loved it.

The execution is richly detailed. No surprises there. (I mean, it IS Nolan)

Anne Hathaway ❤

The casting is exceptional. A few surprises here and there.

The drama touches the heart.

Jessica Chastain’s lips. ❤

The space scenes are spectacular.

Matthew McConaughey is indestructible.

The Not-So-Goods:

90% of movie-goers will have NO clue what the F is going on most the time. It is very science-y and space-y – maybe to a fault.

There are no pirates, no princesses, no Ryan Goslings, or fast car chases – and that may be a problem for some.

Unlike Sandra Bullock in ‘Gravity’ – Anne Hathaway does NOT strip down to her skivvies.


Overall -Masterful, but not quite a masterpiece. Still, I loved it!

Grade: B+

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