The Walking Dead – S5E5 – ‘Self Help’ – SPOILERS!

Fire trucks!

Library Sex!


Water-hosing zombies!


And……Eugene dropped the major nuclear bomb on the entire group.


the slimy sack of shit with the greasy mullet blurts out the moment that fans of comic book knew was coming….

He isn’t a scientist and there is NO cure waiting for them. 😦

As for Walking Dead ‘big reveals’ – i rank this up there with Season Two ‘We’re all infected’ and the moment we realize Sophia’s fate. Just serious shots to the gut that sucks the air out of you!

And poor Abraham –


so gung-ho about keeping this sack of shit alive to get him to Washington. He endured so much for this guy. We see flashes of Abe’s former life; how he brutally killed a group of men with his bare hands and in the process horrified his own family. We see how his family fled in terror, only to later be eaten by zombies. We see how he was ready to take his own life…. until a certain Eugene pops up pleading pitifully for help.

And in turn we witness the moment when the Big Lie takes shape. Eugene telling Abraham those fateful words, ‘I have a very important mission’. And in that instant Abraham – being a former military man – has renewed sense of hope. Of Purpose to live. And he dedicated his life to keeping Eugene safe on their perilous journey to D.C.

Abe was hell-bent on saving humanity by way of Eugene. He could put up with his cowardice. he could deal with him watching he and Rosita making out (or, ‘getting some ass’ as he puts it lol) – he could put up with his total ineptitude at survival. But that was predicated on him having the KEY to humanity’s future.

but all that changed in this episode.

Eugene decides to come clean, without much remorse despite all the sacrifices made for him!  Glen and Maggie are separated from their group/family. Abraham….well, he has yet to understand the gravity of what just happen. As for Rosita? She pledged herself to Abraham life and limb. I can only imagine what was going on in his head, thinking of all the derisive decisions he has made – all for the sake of Eugene’s false hope.

I wasn’t surprised that Abraham bashed Eugene’s f**kng head in! I secretly openly hope Eugene is dead. He was useless as a survivor in the zombie apocalypse and he endangered so many lives around him! And it was all based on one big LIE. And to make matters worse, he had the nerve to be ARROGANT about it! 😡

he deserved no better than the get the friggin’ life smashed out of him.

Next: we get to see our what happened to our favorite ‘couple’, Darryl and Carol!

Can’t wait!



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