MOVIE REVIEW: ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ – 33 years of waiting!


30 Second Review:

One of the more popular story lines in the X-Men canon brought to glorious digital life with a few adjustments made to keep the lifelong fans happy and newcomers entertained. Of all the mutants accounted for (over 20 by my count) it never feels crowded. Timelines converge, action happens, carnage ensues, and Magneto is SUCH a bad-azz! And who’da thought that QUICKSILVER would be the scene-stealer?! Also – yaaay, Blink! πŸ˜€


1980. That was the year Uncanny X-Men #141 & 142 published the classic comic book storyline ‘Days of Future Past‘ – in which an alternate universe Kitty Pryde travels back in time to warn Professor X of a possible horrendous dystopian future.

Flash forward 33 years in the real world to 2014, and we are blessed with the big screen adaptation with enough Cool Factor to make me a happy camper! πŸ˜€ My thoughts on this movie are broken down a few points…

Β #1 – Heavy on the Wolverine/ Mystique screen time

We all know that Wolverine is THE main draw of every X-Men movie (beside ‘First Class’) so I had no problem with him being the main protagonist. The explanation made enough sense without picking it apart (his healing powers kept him from going crazy during time-travel…barely). I read some people’s complaints about how Wolvie was able to be so calm and not going into berserk rages during all the action. Folks, let’s not forget that in 2014, Wolverine is officially 130 years old! Besides old age, he would have learned a thing or two about keeping his emotions in check hanging out with Professor Xavier all those years. And as for Mystique, not only was she the surprise awesome character of the X-series of movies…she was the antagonist in the original DoFP storyline. I love watching her in action. And teeny Mystique is sooo damn adorable!

#2 – Mutants, mutants, and MORE mutants!

Marvel’s: TheΒ  Avengers proved that More is more… when done right. Marvel Comics has always been the forefront of the super-hero team concept (Avengers, FF, Defenders, et al…), and the Uncanny X-Men are easily the most prolific of comic book teams. Basically, they are like the Wu-Tang Clan of super-teams. A core group with over a hundred affiliates. Old meets new. Parallel universes and alternate realities converge. Time-displaced characters create new timelines…really tho? – just the heck is going on?? Who cares. We love seeing all of our favorites all at once, just like in the comic book series. And it worked!

#3 – Magnus is such a bad-azz

Always one to make a grand entrance/exit – Magneto pulls out all stops and levitates and relocates an entire baseball STADIUM on the White House lawn just to make a point! What exactly was his point? I DO THIS BECAUSE I CAN, BITCHES. Remember, this is the same guy who constructed a base of operations – IN SPACE. On an asteroid. Nuff’ Said.

#4 – Blink!

Ever since she debuted in the Phalanx Convenant story line and featured heavily in Age of Apocalypse mega-crossover and later starred in Exiles, Blink has always been one of my favorite teleporters! The biggest joy I get out of watching comic book movies is seeing how technology finally caught up to imagination. So now the Nightcrawler bamfs!‘ (X-2: United) and Blink ‘*pop!*s are portrayed perfectly! I got a kick out of seeing her powers used to amplify the team combat tactics. Visually stunning! Loved it! πŸ˜€

#5 – Quicksilver!!

I tell you what….Aaron Johnson (aka- Kick-Ass) – sir, you have some big shoes to fill in Avengers 2! ‘DOFP’s Evan Peters’ takes a usual jerk mutant and transforms him into the most likable character in the movie! His few screen minutes are THE highlight of the entire film! First of all, love the guy in the ‘American Horror Story‘ anthology series. And it’s his acting chops that take the hothead speedster and makes him the scene-stealer! By now we all know The Scene, where he moves at ungodly speed – slowing down time to the tune of his headphones and making a mockery of bullets!Β  That scene alone was worth the $10 admission. πŸ˜€

#6 – Timelines and alternate realities

Having an extensive knowledge of the original story I knew I had to dismiss everything and enjoy this for what it was. That being said, Hollywood is incapable of understanding such comic book sensibilities such as CONTINUITY lol. Therefore, We of the X-men geek-dom must come to grips with the misgivings of tampering with time and changing reality and making sense of anything taking place within the 2 hours and 20 minutes. basically – we need to forget that any of the previous X-men movies happened! All the story lines are changed and we must now look FORWARD. Yes, that also includes The Wolverine. Yes, he never became Weapon X. I know.. I know… don’t ask me if and how he got his metal back. ‘Age of Apocalypse’ is coming soon and shit is about to get REALLY complicated!

#7 – Peter Dinklage/Bolivar Trask

Enemy? Foe? Humanity’s savior? or tragic figure?? Dinklage is a diminutive demi-god among acting mortals! Was suuuuuper geeked about his role – but I felt like they didn’t do enough with his character! C’mon yall…this is TYRION we’re talking about! I wanted to see him let loose and get all snarky and shit lol. I wanted him to outsmart everyone and lay the Sentinel smackdown on mofos! Instead, I felt like his character took a back seat to Wolverine, Mystique, etc… when it was His actions that caused the whole mess in the first place. I wanna see more Dinklage in the future! In fact…Friday, let’s go ahead and cast a film version of WildC.A.T.S just so he can play Lord Emp! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€



Compared to X-Movies: A



  • In the original storyline, Kitty Pryde travels back from the year 2013! Looks like her plan worked! No Sentinels πŸ˜€
  • Kitty is the main protagonist AND hero in the original story!
  • Just like in the movie, Mystique is the main antagonist but also she slightly reveals her connection to Nightcrawler (X2: X-Men united).
  • The original story showed the death of nearly EVERY major superhero, including The Avengers and The Fantastic Four!
  • Wolverine does not survive in the Sentinel future.
  • It was Senator Robert Kelly’ assassination (from original X-Men movie) – not Bolivar Trask – which led to the events of ‘DoFP’. Just like in the first X-Men movie, Kelly hated mutants and his death started the Mutant Registration Act of 1984 (Orwellian significance!)
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