It’s a ‘Marvel’-ous world! (we’re just visiting)


The new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer blew me the kcuf away!

Friday and I have been amped-up about this project ever since it was announced years ago, and now that the trailer hit, our CBM geek-ness just went into OVERLOAD.

IN a previous post I predicted a STRONG showing for G-of-G, with a ‘Marvel’-ous $30-$35Mil opening weekend. But judging by this trailer, my Excite-O-Meter kicked into overdrive! With the likeable Chris Pratt, a very sexy (and green) Zoe Zaldana, PLUS a hilarious Rocket Raccoon  – I can see $50Mil EASY 😀

This just proves how much Marvel Comics OWNS Hollywood. Not only does Marvel own TEN of the top grossing movies of all time… but they continue delivering solid movies starring B-level (Punisher, DD) and now C-level characters, and making us CARE!

Meanwhile…DC languishes in Supes/Bats solitude (pun intended)

Marvel own TWO of the biggest openers in movie history

(Spiderman, Avengers). ALL of movie history, not just comic books. They continue to hire the best producers and directors, with different studios (Sony, Columbia, Paramount, etc..) AND they are marketing geniuses. Who remembers the original HULK teaser trailer? The 30-second spot that showed Eric Bana ‘going green’ for a split second? That sent people into a FRENZY! (even tho the Ang Lee helmed movie was ‘eh’)

Meanwhile…DC continues to crank out the cape and cowl

Marvel isn’t afraid to throw smaller characters on the big screen.

Lest we forget – Marvel’s FIRST BIG modern movie outing was comic book C-lister, ‘Blade’ 😀  one of Wesley Snipes best roles! Then, Marvel continued to crank out B and C-list heroes like DareDevil, Elektra, and Ghost Rider – all of which made over $150Mil total take.

SHOW OF HANDS – how many of us was seriously dreaming of an Iron Man movie – BEFORE Iron Man was made?  I was Not. I used to consider Iron Man a B-level character – not an A-Lister like Spidey, Hulk, X-Men – but thru two great movies and the impeccable acting of RDJ, Iron Man is damn near the FACE of the Marvel Universe. A Superhero that kids AND grownups can enjoy. Marvel also gave us TWO FF movies – one with Silver Surfer (awesome).  Marvel gave us different versions of The Punisher (finally getting right with ‘War Zone)

– bottom line, Marvel just GETS IT. Give, Give, and give them MORE. Mine the 7,000 licensed characters and find an audience for them. In doing so, Marvel has made BILLIONS $$$ off of the different characters on the silver screen.

And they are about to make even more $$$. Guardians of the Galaxy are D-list characters at best lol! 😛  But Marvel’s Mighty Marketing is gonna make people care about this movie! They are gonna make people care about Gamorra, Groot, Drax, and Star-Lord. And oh man…the kids are gonna SQUEAL everytime Rocket is on screen! 😀 This movie plays out as a Sci-Fi/Action/comedy. It has Win-Win written all over it!

Dc Comics….. 😐 Too bad ya’ll didn’t bother making that LOBO movie work with The Rock. And, I DREAM of a proper adaptation of The Flash. and yet…like Friday and I pointed out some 5 years ago – we keep getting ‘new’ treatments of the SAME two characters. Where Marvel Comics made the impossible happen by giving us historic The Avengers – DC is currently struggling with how to bring their only TWO guys on the screen at the same time. (tsk tsk tsk)

Marvel Comics, thank you for the past 35 years of comic book awesome-ness.

Thank you for bringing many a geek-tear to my eyes. Seeing all of my childhood fantasies in bright HD-quality on the big screen -This is truly the greatest time to be alive.

-Jay, lifelong fan. *snikt!*

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