Meanwhile…… James Spader is ULTRON??!


Time to open the shutter doors on the ol’ shop and talk comic books, pop culture, cool shit, and assorted flavors of Awesome Sauce like only Jay and Friday can!

Not even sure WHY we stopped blogging! Real Life bull? Babies? Divorce? Diabetes? The cancellation of NBC’s HEROES? Whatevs yo. Let’s jump back into this like we never left!

So James effin Spader is Ultron!?



Im not sure how I feel about this (just yet) – I’m STILL recovering from The VOICE that was Bane (oh gawd) –  I mean, WHO KNOW that British Chester Cheetah could pull off Bat-villain?

And now I have to watch a CG Ultron with Spader’s voice? Hmmmmm……

The weird Cool Factor is that, the last time Robert Downey Jr and Spader were on film together was waaaay back in the 1980s classic Less Than Zero (too effin awesome, watch it!) – where Spader played menacing dealer to Downey Jr’s drug addict.

How’s that for ironic reunion?

We shall see folks, we shall see…..

-Jay, wanting an Ant-Man helmet.

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3 Responses to Meanwhile…… James Spader is ULTRON??!

  1. Friday says:

    I would rather see that than affleck as batman. Still not sure about that. Is he signed up for future roles as the caped crusader?


  2. Jay says:

    For me? To this day when I look at Affleck I still see Holden.
    Bruce Wayne will be a stretch! Then again…..Beetlejuice played Wayne, so weirder shit has happened!


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