Batman: Dark Knight Rises – BANE it is!

So there we have it folks. Nolan has announced the villain for ‘Rises’ will be BANE!

Hollywood and the internets searches are in an uproar over ‘Who the heck is Bane?

Of course Bane needs no introductions. Aside from the Joker, Bane probably caused the most pain to Batman – more than any other character. Literally!

Read the historic 1990s Batman ‘Knightfall‘ storyline, wherein Bane systematically wears Bruce Wayne down over a series of days, up to the point where he gives Batman the beating of his life – within inches of dying – and breaks Batman’s back/spine!


I was a young teen at the time and let me tell you, that shit was the most tragic thing I had read in comic books! Even more than Superman ‘dying’. I could give a fat flying fig fart about Big Blue croaking….but BATMAN GETTING BEAT DOWN LIKE THAT???? I was close to tears, mang.

OH. And for the Non-fan? Don’t get it twisted. This ain’t that Bane from the ATROCIOUS ‘Batman and Robin‘ movie (the template for what NOT to do in comic book movies) No. In the hands of the brilliant Christopher Nolan, this will be the real deal!

Expect some vicious, psychotic, mind-bending villainy going on in Dark Knight Rises! Ohhhhhh yes!

(still holding out for a last minute addition of HUGO STRANGE!)


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