The Verdict is in – AMC’s ‘THE WALKING DEAD’ kicks so much ass!

‘HOW MUCH ASS DOES IT KICK’? you might ask?

It kicks Chuck Norris-type ass for damnsure!

Well….ok maybe not THAT much ass-kicking…


As far as adaptations go – especially comic book adapts, which can suck if not done properly – AMC brought the zombie funk on this one. All the blood, rotting flesh, and brain-munching gore is there – but the mood, storyline and characterization is nicely ‘fleshed out‘ as well. hell yes, pun intended. lol

STORY: Officer Rick Grimes wakes up in a hospital to a world overcome by zombies. He soon learns that it helps to stay low and stay quiet – and that Atlanta is a terrible place to be for safety! That, plus the few humans left in this rotting world may be as dangerous as the flesh-eating creatures roaming around!

I’ll be posting updates of this show every week with my episode recaps and spoilers.

……..Now that I think of it – Chuck Norris vs  zombies.…..hmmmmm..thats a tough one! Chuck has kung-fu, but against a horde of zombies? KUNG-FU AIN’T SHIT!!

advantage: ZOMBIES!


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