Avengers…ASSEMBLED!! Full movie cast announced!

It’s official!! The AVENGERS movie lineup was announced yesterday by none other than Col Nick Fury himself, Mr Samuel L  Jackson at Comic-Con International!!


Samuel L. Jackson announces ‘Avengers’ cast

Sun Jul 25, 12:48 am ET

SAN DIEGO Comic book fans no longer have to imagine what it might be like to see all their favorite superheroes in one place.

They got the chance Saturday at Comic-Con, when the cast of the forthcoming “Avengers” film took the stage. Samuel L. Jackson surprised some 6,000 fans gathered for a Marvel Studios presentation when he stepped out just as it was ending and started introducing the cast of “The Avengers.”

Jackson brought out stars Clark Gregg, Scarlett Johannson, Chris Hemsworth of “Thor” and Chris Evans of “Captain America.”

He then introduced another surprise guest, Robert Downey Jr., who brought out the rest of the all-star cast, including Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye and Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner.






Ok right now? i’m EXTREMELY jealous of all the attendees at ComicCon! I wanted to buy my badge for this year but they sold out the first month.

Trust me, I will be online the day that 2011 passes go on sell to get mine! But wow – SLJ, RDJ, Scarlett J…. this is incredible! Not only do we have some of Marvel’s BIGGEST heroes all in one movie (hyperventilating……..) but they are being played by A-List actors who won’t let it suck!!!!


SO lets break down this cast piece by piece, shall we? 🙂

RDJ – Tony Stark/Iron Man:


Casting made in heaven. Perfect. ‘Nuff said!


SLJ – Col. Nick Fury:


Again, casting made in heaven! It helps that Marvel Comics actually modeled the modern Col. Fury after Samuel L 😉


Scarlett Johannson – Black Widow:


We seen what she can do and BOY did she do it!!  😀


Chris Hemsworth – The Mighty THOR!:


WEll, well, well….we here actually discussed this role OVER A YEAR AGO and we picked Dominic Purcell from ‘Prison Break’ and  Sean Bean, Boromir of LOTR to play Thor. One of our previous bloggers Dumpling, she picked TRIPLE H to play Thor!

He definitely LOOKS like Thor – too bad he can’t act lol…

but Marvel did well. I like Hemsworth as Thor, dude is a beast!


Chris Evans – Captain America:


WTF?! why did Marvel Execs decide to re-cast the Human Torch to play their iconic character?? This is a huge question mark. Evans is perfect as the boyish, wisecracking Johnny Storm – but as Captain America?? Gimmeabreak! Evans needs to cut out the pretty-boy smirking to pull off playing  a guy born in 1917 who fought against German Nazis in Dubya Dubya Eye Eye (WWII)!

Does Chris Evans look like he born in the 1910’s?? – NO. Chris Evans looks like he was born yesterday. Too much surfer dude going on there. I don’t see leadership in this guy’s face. I swear to God, Chris – you betta not F*** up Captain America!!

Incidentally, 2 years ago we picked Matt Damon to play Cap!

– Now THAT is the face of Captain America! 😀



Jeremy Renner – Clint Barton/Hawkeye:


Sweeeeeeet! 😀 Okay this is more like it! It can go one of two ways; they can either relegate Hawkeye to the ranks of B Class one-liners -OR- stay true to the fiery nature of this character. Depending on how the script is written, Renner has the potential to be a serious scene-stealer! Let’s hope they give him enough to work with. Please don’t sell Hawkeye short!  LET RENNER SHINE!


Mark Ruffalo – Bruce Banner:


Hmmmm…. while I don’t hate Mark Ruffalo – i just don’t care about Mark Ruffalo. I did care about Edward Norton. Edward Norton spoiled us all by playing the perfect Banner!  – Which is unfortch for Ruffalo…he has huge shoes to fill. Ruffalo just looks……off. Bruce Banner is a ‘big’ part of the storyline [pun intended], but I guess at the end of the day, it’s really ALL ABOUT THE HULK! Grawrrrr!


Henry/ Jan Pym – Ant-Man/Giant Man and Wasp…???:

Will we get to see inferior complex Hank go all domestic on his hottie wife Janet? Nothing yet, but DAMMIT MARVEL don’t you dare leave the Pym’s out of the movie!!!!!!


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4 Responses to Avengers…ASSEMBLED!! Full movie cast announced!

  1. Friday says:

    its not that i don’t agree with some of these selections, its that i don’t AGREE with some of these selections!! chris evans-GREAT as johnny blaze, PERFECT as jensen in the losers, NOT captain america. chris hemsworth-the only movie you were in (STAR TREK) you didn’t make it past the opening credits! i just need to see more from you. you’re still NOT my thor. mark ruffalo-NO, NO, NO, NO!! isn’t there some other girlie, semi-gay (no offense to my gay fans out there. i love you), chick flick that’s gonna win a sundance award film that you could go make? you had to agree to play the baddest mofo in the Marvel universe? you couldn’t talk them into bringing back ed norton? no. you know why? because you don’t have that kind of pull. action movies ain’t your thing. i swear………..now for the positives. jeremy renner-yes! nuff said. someone got it right with that one. rdj-absolutely perfect. not even going there. smj-again, nick cage is your role. scarett-i just hope you have more of a role in this movie. i’m done.


  2. Jay says:

    u meant SLJ as nick fury~ 😉


  3. Friday says:

    that’s how mad i was. i couldn’t get his name, nor his character right. fucking mark ruffalo.


  4. chip says:

    I have to point out that the picture you used to demonstrate Matt Damons likeness to Cap isn’t Steve Rogers, the original Cap, its Bucky Barnes, the new Cap. Also, the Hawkeye picture isn’t the real Hawkeye, its Bullseye.


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