Comic Book Movie Review: Kick-Ass debuts at Austin SXSW Fest – WOW!!!

You guys will have to excuse my Kanye West moment here lol

I see you Spider-Man and Dark Knight, both great films, but….

‘Kick-Ass’ is simply one of the baddest f*#kin’ movies of all time. ALL TIME!

For those of you who don’t know what ‘Kick-Ass’ is? (seriously?)

Take the following movie recipe:

* 2 big scoops of hilarious Teen comedy

* 1 part offbeat vigilante movie

* 2 parts of superhero drama

* 1/2 part crime drama

* 1/2 part Youtube video

* 2 awesome spoons of Leon, The Professional

pour that shit up in a cup, stir it with your middle finger, walk outside with mixture in hand, and throw it in some unsuspecting sap’s face!

THAT, Folks, is Kick-Ass the movie! 😀


Kick-Ass debuted right here in Austin, Tx – home to the electrifying South by Southwest Music and Film Festival (SXSW) and folks, let me tell you last night’s event started with a blast! The Kick-Ass World Premiere jump-started the festivities with a line going around the corner of Congress and 7th St! The Kick-Ass cast and crew presented the movie to a raucous, jam-packed crowd at the Paramount Theater (yours truly also present).


** Austin, TX definitely throws the best parties this side of Hollywood and New York with our annual SXSW Fest **



But I will tell ya this – those awesome trailers are only a mere FRACTION of the mayhem and madness that is the ‘Kick-Ass’ movie! Director Matthew Vaughn splices,dices, and delivers this film into a -surprisingly – semi-believable vigilante/high school comedy/superhero drama.

Everybody brings their acting A-Game! Aaron Johnson -as a Peter Parker minus the awesome powers – plays Kick-Ass perfectly. Nicholas Cage does an excellent job as the batman-like vigilante Big Daddy – and reminds us why we love Nicholas Cage! lol – Even Mark Strong as bad guy Mob Boss is not campy in his role….  But lawd hamercy –

HIT GIRL. HIT GIRL. Mutha-funkin’ HIT GIRL!!!!! 🙂 😛

the pint-sized 12yo killer – OMFG! This might not sound kosher when I say this but – HIT GIRL? I WANT ONE OF THOSE! LOL 😀

I’m still exhilarated from what I saw. I plan to see it a few more times when it officially debuts. For the rest of the world – April 16th cannot get here fast enough!

A+ , 5/5 stars.

** The Complete 180- review**

For a teen comedy/comic book movie – 2 hours seems a tad bit long. But,  if you have a great theater like the Alamo Drafthouse (here in Austin of course) – a bucket of brew will make the time fly by! 🙂


**want the 1st print original books? Find them here! **

(1st issue!)  (1st appear. Hit-Girl/Big Daddy!)

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