New Blog Changes! 120,000+ Strong!

hey blog-o-sphere folks!

Jay and Friday want to take time to thank all of yalls for stopping by the blog, hanging out, reading our stuff and adding your input! You are the best!

AS you know, this blog is a labor of love.  Our love for comic books, pop culture,  and all things fan-related! We strive half-assed-ly to write the very BEST blog possible in 15minutes or less – AND we’re gonna continue to post better stuff, like our CASTING COUCH for the LOBO MOVIE! and a new ‘What If…? Elongated Man were a porn star? (…cuz someone has to do it!)

Right now we are asking each of you to look deep, deep…>DEEP inside your wallets hearts, and find that special place next to your gullet –  and that take that warm puppy-like fuzzy feeling….and translate that Gooey Goodness into donations. $$$

Yes, we do this for free. But we can do more with $1 per person!  – AND because we LOVE YOU ALL. If Sally Struthers can feed the entire continent of Africa on $1 a day – SURELY we can bang out awesome blogs on $1 donations! So we need a concentrated effort from all of you……..

All 120,000 of youse!

120,000+ strong! – Which is waaay more than that Michelle Dugger lady could ever accomplish! (she of 19  kids…sheeesh!)

So – we shall add a Payapal ‘dough-nation’ button and PLEASE – make all donations  to the cause!!





just kidding folks. 😛

We just wanted to announce that the ‘1st Appearancessection that  you enjoy so much will be broken down into  HEROES – VILLAINS – and CIVILIANS!

Fooled ya! ~ haha

-Jay, the Main Dood

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