(Redux!) What If…? PLASTIC MAN – The Ultimate moonwalk bouncer!

For the record, Plastic-Man is one of my all-time fave characters!

He has some of the most original powers, is one of the most powerful superheroes – and despite all the drama the JLA goes through, this guy manages to maintain his offbeat sense of humor no matter what the odds – much to Batman’s chagrin! …:P  (wow! i got to use the word ‘chagrin’ – sweeet)



Seeing as Plastic Man can live foreever, he will need a 2nd career when his JLA days are finally done. So what better job than to be…


Here in Texas – where its warm most of the year – Moonwalk bouncers are all the rage at kids birthday parties! People spend hundreds of $$$ for the same, basic bouncer. Kids have a great time for a few hours  – bouncing  around in the basic square…losing their shoes… kicking each other in the head LoL.

Now- enter PLASTIC MAN! – a  guy that can take on any shape he imagines! and his imagination knows no limits.

Plastic-Man would put all the other bouncers out of business!

He would be the most in-demand children birthday party toy probably in the history of all birthday parties! Think of what this guy is capable of!….

  • There are NO limits to his malleability! he can stretch for MILES.
  • he could transform while the kids are inside, making it the ultimate funhouse!
  • He can be small and safe for the wee kiddies – or HUGE and bad-azz for the bigger kids
  • he is indestructible; he will last FOREVER!
  • He can be an obstacle course for adults!
  • No carbon footprint! You wouldn’t need to use electricity to power him up and inflate him!

The ONLY real drawback I could see is that we would have to work on that ‘insanity’ part of Plas. God forbid he ever ‘kirks out‘ and goes 7:30 during a kiddie party!

But we could overlook the occasional ‘Plas goes apeshit episode’ to bring in that bank$$!

And the best part of all??   – PLASTIC MAN IS IMMORTAL-. This guy will NEVER wear out and never go out of business! The Plastic man Ultimate Bouncer would make MILLIONS$$!

Other ideas$$

  • Plastic-man – the World’s Greatest [and safest] Swimming Pool!

  • Plastic-Man – Human Bungee Jump! 🙂


But before we go – can someone PLEAZE give this guy an award??

Plastic-Man lego.… WOW  🙂


NEXT ‘What If…?‘  – The Elongated Man as a porn star!

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