Throwback Thursday Presents: Incredible Hulk #235 (1979)

I love the classics! Especially those old 1970s comic books with the over-the-top action and great artwork. Love the splashy, primary colors! Love the simple lines. And love the whole it was kinda fun and kitschy! 😉

One of my fave throwbacks  is when the Hulk is chilling with some hippies on a college campus and attempts to rip Machine Man apart…



~Hulk tears an unsuspecting Machine Man to shreds!~


The set-up was pretty simple (as was usually the case with Hulk stories lol)

Hulk is calm. Hulk gets misunderstand. Hulk gets angry. Hulk SMASH. Only this time it was the unfortunate Aaron Stack aka MACHINE MAN. This issue btw, is one of Machine Man’s earliest Marvel appearances 😉

Machine Man is one of my favorite characters and to be honest- he ain’t no punk! You gotta love a robot that hates ‘fleshy humans’ yet – loves beer. MM can lift a few tons, and he has an array of weapons. And has a hard-on for a few female robots.

And recently he has been a lot more powerful. But back then? Aaron Stack vs …..The Hulk? yeh….Aaron got his azz stomped! (he does come back together tho).

I kinda miss simpler stories like these. Just finding our heroes in little situations where they just do they Her0-thing (or anti-hero thing) – or just seeing them in everyday life, u know? None of these colossal crossovers and ‘Dark’ sagas that comic books now seem to live and die by!

– Jay

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1 Response to Throwback Thursday Presents: Incredible Hulk #235 (1979)

  1. Aaron Stack says:

    great cover 10 out of 10


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