Video Game Review: Batman, Arkham Asylum!

Jay’s Quick Review!

just as promised, I picked up this game Friday afternoon and spent the entire weekend playing it! Does it live up to the extreme hype of ‘Best Super Hero Game Ever’? …..






YES – The game is as good as the hype! Doesn’t exactly set a new standard for Stealth and Strategy/Action games – but it DOES up the ante on the Superhero genre….much like ‘Dark Knight‘ movie did! You really feel like you’re Batman: sneaking around, sticking to the shadows, picking off armed thugs and beating down hapless punks ten different ways from Sunday! – AND you get a fully equipped utility belt!  – which can be upgraded based on your performance! [but alas, no Bat Shark-repellent 😦 ]



Superb graphics and very creepy atmosphere (even better in HD 1080!)Arkham Asylum looks more like a house of horrors after Joker gets done with it!

Layout is fully interactive and explorable! Grapple, swing, and climb on pretty much any surface.

Fluid fighting style makes Batman move like the trained ninja that he is, and the bad guys are clunky and slower (but still deadly!)


– Perfect learning curve. Starts out kinda easy – to learn the moves and get used to the controls – but gets progressively harder as the game goes on!

Detective Mode is awesome! Radar, X-Ray, vitals stats, puzzle-solving capabilities ….totally loved it!!


– Adaptive computer AI reacts perfectly to your style of fighting. The thugs don’t always do the same thing twice – so you have to mix up your fighting style.


ALSOeveryone in the game reacts according to the situation! Moods range from calm, to nervous, to terrified! And the characters make choices based on their moods! SWEET 🙂

– Plenty of hidden treasures, clues, challenges and down-loadable content to hunt down.

-AND – The PS3 version you can play as the Joker!


THE ‘Not so’ GOODS:

This sounds weird, but there is no ‘jump’ function. even though the character automatically leaps over and up onto obstacles – 20 yrs of gaming have taught me to hit the JUMP button!

Not sure if it just was my controller, but sometimes Batman seemed to start ‘drifting’ even though I was standing still.

– Sometimes the camera got all weird on me. The angle of his movements and the camera pace did not quite match up. I felt I was either moving too fast or too slow.

– I would have liked to see MORE interesting villains beside just hundreds of hapless thugs.

– The Boss fights were too easy – and the choice of the Main Boss? Hmmmm….


Overall, BATMAN: AA combines Great storyline, full of action, atmosphere, stealth, combat, exploring, and puzzle-solving into one excellent game. With the PS3 downloadable content, the Challenge Mode, and the Joker exclusive – it also has plenty of replay value!


GRAPHICS:  10/10

GAMEPLAY: 9.5/10



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