James Cameron’s ‘AVATAR’ – Teaser Trailer Here!

James Cameron the ‘King of the World’ has finally released footage of his long-awaited new project ‘AVATAR’!!



The preview showed during the beginning of ‘Inglourious Basterds‘ trailers and the movie crowd was wowed during the preview! And for good reason….  We couldn’t tell if it was a live action movie or CGI – the mixture is virtually seamless!!!

check it out! 😀

– Click Screen Shot for Yahoo HD preview –

avatar screen


And here for Youtube trailer. (I think it’s in French)


For anyone who lives under a rock or is just too young to know – James Cameron is one of the best Directors/Producers of all time – creating some of the biggest iconic classics like THE TERMINATOR, T2, The ABYSS, ALIENS, and of course the biggest $$ Movie ever TITANIC!

Oh, and the fictitious ‘Aquaman’ movie for HBO’s ‘Entourage‘ show 🙂

AVATAR game trailer here:

Was a decade worth the wait?? We shall see.


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