50,000 Hits and Counting…!



Heyllloooo its me, Cute Dumpling!!! I’m BACK!

But not for long cuz i have a REAL job (since Jay doesnt pay me to do this!!!! wahahahaaa) Anwyyyywhooo….


When Jay, Friday and I started this blog back in October 2008 – we had like ZERO aspirations to make any kind of noise on the internet! We just wanted to talk crap – share our point of views – and air out our lopsided opinions lol ….

But now here we are 50,000+ views later and WOW – people actually dig us!

Our only REAL goal was to make ourselves laugh, hopefully Make READERS laugh, and meet cool peeps thru the blogging community. WE’re hardly ever serious, but we definitely care about our COMIC BOOKS, our anime, (MY Manga collection!), NBC Heroes – our movies, and our music!

– guess we struck a nerve in the pop culture consciousness 😀

Thanks to Everyone who stops by – reads our stuff – and especially leaves comments! If you want to add us or have us add You to our Blogroll be our guest! We can use more friends on our way to ANOTHER 50,000 views! WHoo Hoooooooooo!!!

– Dumpling, making surprise visit!

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