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50,000 Hits and Counting…!

. HOLY CRAB CAKES! Heyllloooo its me, Cute Dumpling!!! I’m BACK! But not for long cuz i have a REAL job (since Jay doesnt pay me to do this!!!! wahahahaaa) Anwyyyywhooo…. When Jay, Friday and I started this blog back … Continue reading

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James Cameron’s ‘AVATAR’ – Teaser Trailer Here!

James Cameron the ‘King of the World’ has finally released footage of his long-awaited new project ‘AVATAR’!! . The preview showed during the beginning of ‘Inglourious Basterds‘ trailers and the movie crowd was wowed during the preview! And for good … Continue reading

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‘INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS’ – Another Tarantino Classic!

. A group of Jewish American WWII soldiers hunt down, kill, and scalp Nazis. Meanwhile, a Jewish girl in France escapes Nazi soldiers and plans the ultimate revenge. The two worlds collide for an unforgettable movie! Action, story, plot, suspense, … Continue reading

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