Throwback Thursday: Batman – Dark Knight Strikes Again

In 1985 Frank Miller gave us the darkest, most popular version of Batman:

an older, war-torn, bitter Bruce Wayne who lived in a fascist American nightmare!

That was ‘The Dark Knight Returns’……

This is the follow-up story…


‘DK2’ picks up a few yrs after DKR – Batman, Catgirl, and the Bat-army have re-emerged from their underground catacombs to fight in a tyrannical America controlled by Lex Luthor and Brainiac. The whole country is in a police state – News coverage is courtesy of chix in spandex and bikinis – the President is a hologram-  and the Justice League is completely disbanded!

Superman – Forever the all-powerful bitch-boy, is blackmailed to work for fascist America/Lex Luthor.

Captain Marvel – Same as Supes.

The Atom – Ray Palmer – Marooned on a bacteria- infested petri dish.

Elongated Man – pushes sexual enhancement products.

Plastic Man – Insane and imprisoned in Arkham Asylum, inside of a hi-powered compression ball.

The Flash – imprisoned, running at hi-speeds on a giant hamster wheel ,generating free energy for the entire country.

Martian Manhunter –  nanobots reduced to a powerless, old man/alien.

Green Lantern – with godlike powers, lives in his own lantern galaxy.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl – live on their homeworld.

The Question –  running around still playing detective.

‘Batgirl’ Carrie Kelly is now Catgirl – and still 2nd-in-Command of the Bat-army.

Brainiac – holding Kandor the bottle city prison.

The ‘Joker’ – an unstoppable, shape-shifting ‘Joker’ running around killing people.

Wonder Woman – still a badazz Amazon!

– A nice little twist in the story, Wonder Woman and Superman give birth to an ultra-powerful offspring….Lara Kent! – who apparently has all of their combined powers but none of their weaknesses. And she doesn’t share her father’s eternally ridiculous boy-scout mentality.

OVERALL, DK2 is not the classic that the original was – but it works and has some nice twists!



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