2009 Summer Movie Showdown! Pt. 4 Update….

wolverine-poster-500x740 angels-demons-movie-poster up-movie-poster-11 transformers-revenge-of-the-fallen-movie-poster_309x457 startrek_posterspock terminator-salvation-movie-poster_480x741 landoflost

Like we said in our very first SMS post – the Summer months are in full swing with back- to- back  blockbusters! And our errly prediction was correct – TF2 looks to be the big box office winner!

(Awwww man, i can only eat so much over-buttered, artery-clogging movie popcorn in one year!! But i’m doing it for a higher cause…. THE BLOG!)

Yeppers – Transformers: Revenge of  The Fallen is kicking all kinds of blockbuster ass at the box office! ‘TF2′ is nearing that ridiculous $400,000,000mil mark! That is insane. Only a handful of movies in history have reached this mark! Jus goes to show that nothing beats out A) Giant fighting robots  – B) Shia LeBouf being Shia LeBouf- and C) Megan Fox – smokin’ hott and half nekkid 😀


Righteous. 🙂 ❤

But does mega-dollars mean that transformers is the superior movie of the summer? I don’t think so. In fact, I actually fell asleep on the last 30min! 😦  Yeah…..I know, sacrilegious in some geek circles….but hey, once the mighty(slow) Devestator started climbing pyramids? –   Snorefest. my mind shut itself off.  ‘Scool tho…….At least we will have another crack at Transformers in the future. Oh yes…..there will be a third.

I gotta say Star Trek was by far the most entertaining flick this summer! Watching ‘Sylar’ pull off a perfect Young Spock – watching the Enterprise built from scratch –  and watching Young Cpt. Kirk get busy with Rachel Nichols’ Green alien chik – that made my year!! 😀

So here is my summer breakdown as it stands (so far):

Wolverine ($180,000,000) –  very disappointing. 😦 C+

Star Trek ($253, 164,000) – Excellent! 🙂 A

UP – ($279, 583,000) Charming! 🙂 B

Angels and Demons – ($132, 460,000) Book is better. 😐 B-

Terminator Salvation ($123, 770,000)  – Pointless, really. C

Transformers 2 ($363, 808,000) – Perfect mindless summer entertainment. C

Land of the Lost ($48, 608,000) – Incredibly Stupid! 😡 D-

The Hangover ($235, 744,000)-  Hilarious Sleeper hit! 😀 A

– And with Only six weeks left in the 2009 Summer Movie Showdown season, and here is what we are looking forward to!  —>


Whoooo – The Baroness! 😀

chuuch.  -Jay $

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