The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters

Lists like these confuse me.

Why do people try to rank comic book characters?

YOU CAN’T DO IT! There will never be a list that everyone agrees with. There is no way we can ‘rank’ characters,  let alone saying ‘This is THE top 50….blah blah blah’-  na’mean? Why don’t people say – ‘This is MY top 50 list of….blah blah’… because that is what this is really all about – showing people how much of a GEEK you are.

The fact that a person KNOWS enough characters to even rank 50 comic book characters says enough about their Geek-dom.

which is where I come in 🙂

I made my own list of Top 20 Comic Book characters! –  But first, peep out Empire’s Top 50 Comic Book List – its pretty good – but of course some people are outta place. Hellblazer ranks higher than Spider-Man? Hells – to – the – naw.  Spawn at #50?? C’mon bruh! Spawn is top 40 easily.

And where the heck is Professor X??  Jean Grey/Phoenix?! V for Vendetta? Yorick (Y The last man)? Hmmmm…

The List

-Jay the Main Dood

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