Throwback Thursday: Daft Punk – Interstella 5555.

Interstella 5555 – The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem!

Fans of Japanese anime and Daft Punk will love this cult classic DVD. 

‘Interstella 5555’  is the first of its kind – a full length 1-hour+ animation built entirely around an album score.

 Designed by anime space-opera god Leiji Matsumoto [wiki that and recognize greatness!] ‘Interstella 5555’ is a story about a music group from another galaxy,

kidnapped by an evil cooperate media mogul, mindwiped, reformatted and brought to earth to become a hit pop band!

[Sounds kinda like an evolved Maurice Starr 😛  ]

The score – based on the popular, double-platinum selling album ‘Discovery‘ –  features a slew of electronica hits including ‘One More Time’, ‘Face to Face’ , ‘Digital Love’ – AND – the hip-hop crossover sample ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger,’ – which Kanye West successfully freaked into his own hit song ‘Stronger‘.

If you’re a fan of classic Japanese animation like ‘Votron‘ – ‘Robotech‘ or – ‘G-Force’? Your gonna luv this! 🙂

If your a fan of  **electronica like I am, you’ll also dig this cartoon! But some fans REALLY get into the vibe!

DAMN I LOVE COSPLAY. But that is more of a Smurf-in-heat blue, rather than a nicer Interstella blue. Oh well. 

 ** Why do I luv electronica?  Maybe all of the years I spent clubbing in Europe in deep house raves… Frankfurt? Masstricht? Amsterdam? Berlin? [SweartoGawd -no one parties like Europeans. NO ONE.  ]…. but I’ll save that for another blog!  😀

 -Jay, out.

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