dreary Sunday T.G.I.F!!!! been crazy around here……

what up, people! life’s a little hectic around here. only on my end, though. so, the reason you didn’ t get your fresh blog on Friday from Friday? i had the longest day ever yesterday. literally. i was up for twenty-four hours! and Saturday i spent milling about, trying to get more than the four hours of sleep, and that wasn’t happening. what did i do? wouldn’t you like to know.

let’s just say this: magaritas are a new favorite drink of mine, and after two gigantic, big, super-huge, large, ginormous, mega-great ass cups (i ran out of synonyms there), and some rum and cokes, a lost ID, and some regurgitated Oreos, i was too tired to post.

ok, i’ll tell you. i had a FRIEND come into town to visit, and decided to give them my time. but there was more to that than meets the eye (Transformers 2 needs to hurry up!!!). first off, i got up and went walking for about 2 hours. just trying to stretch the body as well the mind. fresh air isn’t as stagnant as i thought it would be. God bless the Gym Class Heroes

for being on right now! then i  went and took care of some errands, which ended up with me in Gold’s Gym trying to look like The Rock

(complete with eyebrow arch action), and a game of basketball outside (hotter than hell, the devil was trying to find a place to cool off while we were there) trying to look like a healthy Kevin Garnett,

 but i’m not that tall, or slim, or athletic, but i can dunk on a 7 ft rim like nobody’s business, muh-fuccah!

www.pandora.com, get on it. trust me, its worth it. hey, crackberry nation! i’m on it now! what was i thinking? should’ve been doing this forever ago! i can damn near update the blog from my phone! by the way, i have also joined the twitter nation @ Fridaysmyname79. as soon as get a few followers, i’ll be needing a new battery for my phone, lol! i see why they call them crackberries now. i feel like tyrone biggums.

i have a taste for something minty right now. preferrably chocolate. why? i’m fucking pregnant! hell, i don’t know. this is what i know: eating pizza at 9 pm doesn’t do anybody any good if they’re not intending on staying up still its been digested. but its so good! but i think i know what i want: those Andes mints they give you in

Olive Garden…….yup. first thing in morning, too. you know how hard it is to type and sing Oasis’s Champagne Supernova at the same time? i’m surprised i can do that. compose coherent thoughts and still remember the lyrics to this song? now the typing? i’ve had to backspace multiple times now. guitar riff! i can free form my thoughts until the singing begins again. i’m DEFINITELY using more than 10% of the old memory storage unit facility right now. and i can now see in tye dye!!  don’t tell me you’re not singing that shit in your head right now, lol! colors are cool!

summer is officially about to begin. the temps rising, and the tops are coming out! not off, i’m talking about bikinis,

 spank you berry muchos tacos! i think somewhere in the back of my head (which got headbutted this weekend. yes, i got headbutted in the back of my head. it happens. pretty fucking funny, by the way), i’m gonna try and plan a boat expedition on a lake in Austin. my ass better get to running, then. i would like to lose some poundage before i do it. changed my eating habits (minus the two slices of pizza i ate yesterday, don’t judge me!!), and am working out with my friend/personal trainer/hetero life mate/the guy who’s probably gonna kill me. and right now, i’m sore. not like herpes sore, or eagles soar, but if i had to push myself off of something, let’s say the floor, its probably not gonna happen.

its a good thing i’m not a super hero, like my good buddy Spider-Man

(don’t worry, i’ll never tell them who you really are). i’d be worthless right now. getting my ass kicked all up and down the city, attempting to defend my sore self, look good in front of MJ (MJ, what up?),  and trying not to cry all at the same time, cuz the fricking Hobgoblin got an itch in his tights since he’s not a major player in the city. oh yeah, i’d have to move to New York. that web-swinging isn’t gonna fly in Austin, lol! i’d have to walk in certain areas of the city, damn low buildings! i’d have to swing around 6th street at night on the weekends, though. that shit would be fly. and upside down kiss a random girl. she better not have herpes, though. i don’t think i could deal with that one bit!


dammit, i’m about to get off of this and go play Guitar Hero. now don’t laugh at me. i’ve had it for 6 months, and i’m still on easy. but i can’t play the guitar on it. left hand won’t bend the right way (damn that sounds like an oxymoron), lol. no, i play easy on the guitar, and medium on the drums. but i only play when people come over (which needs to happen more. looking forward to the holiday weekend coming up. Memorial Day……..food. YUM!)

loving Sublime right now, dammit! singing along to What I Got! bye for now!

Mars, Bitches!!!!

wait a minute. did i put up a naked/half naked lady today? hold on a tic…….                       tic……………….                    tic……..

you’re welcome!

About Friday

Connoisseur of comic books and culinary amateur extraordinaire, attempting to balance passion and hobby with life occasionally getting in the way.
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