Movie review: STAR TREK! **Spoiler Alert**


PROPS to JJ Abrams for bringing the heat on this classic update!

 So this is the 2nd released blockbuster for our 2009 Summer Movie Showdown ….and you already know how we felt about the Wolverine movie? [What – you don’t know how we feel about the Wolverine movie?? You need to read about how we feel on the Wolverine movie…. hint: BLEGH!]

BUT! –  like a tall glass of icy-cold Country Time LemonadeSTAR TREK washed that taste right out of my mouth! [‘Country Tiiiiiiiime, Country Time! Taste like good ‘ol fashioned lemonaaaade!’  – i luv that song 🙂  ]  – And a near $80Mill opener is nothing to sneeze at!

The best way to sum up STAR TREK is simply….



 Seriously – You couldn’t ask for a more entertaining movie! Old school fans and new jacks will both enjoy this remake/update!

original Star Trek cast from the 1960s…


Ne w cast!

star trek new cast

The action starts off in mere SECONDS into the film and lasts all the way to the last minutes. Theres also comedy, heart-wrenching emotions, some romance, a lil freakiness, awesome SFX,

an excellent, truly badazz villain, Nero

and tons of old school references!






Young Kirk gets freaky with a GREEN CHICK! [Eddie Murphy says it best! ha!]

Young Spock puts that ‘Vulcan death grip’ on Young Kirk!

Spock and Uhuru gets their freak on! Wha…? HUH?! YES! 😀

Bones McCoy doing what he does best – wilin’ out!

Chekov’s frucked-up accent!! haaa

YO – this movie delivered on every level imaginable with nary a wasted moment ! In fact, I can’t wait for the next one: Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Nero … cuz you know good and well Eric Bana ain’t dead! Chuuch!


RATING: 5 out of 5 stars.

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2 Responses to Movie review: STAR TREK! **Spoiler Alert**

  1. Rom says:

    Loved the film.


  2. : Dumpling : says:

    It was AWESOME! I LOVED IT! Definitely want to watch it again. 😀


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