Wolverine Movie Review! – **Spoiler alert**



Okay so the hype has come and gone. The bootleg was leaked, the movie has premiered….

And the 2 Comic Book Guys crew (Jay, Dumpling, Friday) saw the movie – and what do WE think about it???


that face pretty much says it all.

SURPRISED? SO were we. And being the comic book fans that we are (hence, the name of the blog) we left the theater with a mixed bag of emotions. None of which were ‘YESS!‘ – or – SWEEET! – or – even WOW! It was really more like…….. ‘Ok.

For the regular movie-goer, this is your typical summer action flick. Characters with attitudes, guns, explosions and fight scenes. YAY.

Unfortunately, for all the comic book and Wolverine fans – you will be sorely disappointed. 😦  After the movie the three of us spent the next 45 min. talking about how Hollywood destroyed one of the best comic book characters – and spent $100mill doing so!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine can break down into 2 Categories:

Things that went Sorta Right – and – Things that went Way Wrong. (The ‘Wrong’ list is longer…)


Hugh Jackman plays a perfect Wolverine and can act.


Why would a Canadian-born person fight in all of these American conflicts? including the controversial Vietnam war? And do we ever get to see the animal berseker Wolverine??? NO. That is way wrong.


Ryan Reynolds and Gambit fans – both characters brought some great action!


Deadpool fans – you were robbed. Wade Wilson was an awesome character! – For all of 2 mins. 😐 They killed him early in the movie, and then brought him back later with a sewed-shut mouth! W.T.F.F?! (the extra F means ‘flying’). Deadpool is one of Marvel’s better creations – no love in the movie tho!

Gambit fans -we were also robbed! Where was your french accent? And why not mention that Gambit is a world class thief and escape artist? How else would he have survived the mutant prison?


Lots of cool mutants were shown.


BUT- they added NOTHING to the story. ‘Emma Frost’ wasn’t even named Emma in the movie – Eh? And where was little girl Storm?! They showed her in early trailers – I was looking forward to that.


Wolverine’s healing factor kept him alive for over 150 years.


But was never explained or addressed during the entire movie. Not once.


Wolverine’s mutant powers are never mentioned the entire movie (his animal senses, his bone claws, healing factor). Matter of fact – NO ONE’S MUTANT POWERS are ever explained! i.e., who does what and why.


Cheesy editing, special effects, and camera angles. trust me – you can tell.


Col. Stryker was NOT the Director of Weapon X Project, the adamantium process, or anything to do with Wolverine’s development! Hollywood did a serious backdoor-bruising on this story!


Kayla Silverfox – wow. They took an acutal mercernary with healing powers named Silver Fox and turned her into a passive and weak empath.


The Blob’s FAT is his mutation – not because he eats too much. C’mon Hollywood! Geeeez!


The early version of Weapon X – Wolverine was a psycho killer – who later regains his humanity after spending years in Japan. The  movie version Wolverine hestitates to kill – even during combat!

Yeh – see what I mean? Besides being about 15-20 min too short – This movie rewrote one of the very best comic book characters so much, that it totally lost its heart in the movie. What I really don’t understand is – why would you spend $100 million to adapt and make a story, only to take out what really matters most? The reason that Spiderman 1 & 2 worked so well – is EXACTLY why Wolverine fails so bad: lack of heart and soul AND – staying true to the original story.

Sorry folks, but the only saving grace in this movie is the occasional cool fight scenes. Story-wise, the movie is a big ‘WEH’.


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4 Responses to Wolverine Movie Review! – **Spoiler alert**

  1. Friday says:

    i couldn’t have summed that up better. first of all, there were too many mutants and not enough backstory on them all. for someone who isn’t familiar with the comic, you’ll love the movie. hollywood, you kinda broke my heart with this one……the introduction of gambit? ruined. thanks. i’m out.


  2. :: Dumpling :: says:

    Major disappointment! I was soooo looking forward to seeing Deadpool in action. But all I got was whatever I saw in the trailer! What the effing hell?! And, Deadpool can heal. How the hell did they manage to kill him?!

    Let’s think of all the characters that have healing powers:

    -Wolverine —>still alive
    -Sabretooth—-> still alive
    -Sylar —> still alive
    -Peter Petrelli —-> still alive
    -Claire Bennett —>still alive
    -Adam Monroe —> dead….well, that’s because Arthur Petrelli could take away his healing power by touching.

    (forgive me for bringing up Heroes characters….I can’t help it *BLUSH*)

    So, technically, Rogue should have been the only one who was able to kill him……IF she could get pass his swords to touch him. Other than that, you would have to cut off his friggin’ head! But we are talking about Deadpool here. The head that would get cut off wouldn’t have been his if you know what I am saying.

    And the guy that Stryker brought back and called him DEADPOOL is not DEADPOOL. How the hell would he Deadpool without a mouth?! Deadpool is not Deadpool if he can’t talk. I WANT DEADPOOL WITH A MOUTH!

    The execs has ONCE AGAIN missed the note. I am so disappointed.

    Anyhow, I am about to do Riley Freeman: Booooooooo, you gay!


  3. Ryan says:

    Umm… did you even watch the movie?? THEY DID CUT OFF DEADPOOL’S HEAD.


    Duhh…. I think what they did to Deadpool in the movie was fucked up. I thought the character could have been so much more (this coming from a non-comic reader) but at least they did cover that point. That whole scene at the end? Where the nuclear reactor crumbled? That was Deadpool’s severed head spinning around, unleashing Cyclopse’s stolen eye beam power.

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  4. Friday says:

    dude, he doesn’t have that power! just go to marvel.com and read up on deadpool. they tore the whole storyline up!!!


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