2009 Summer Movie Showdown Pt. 3

So far – with Wolverine debuting kinda ‘meh’, the Summer Movie Showdown is still wide open!

The new Star Trek hits this coming friday and it sure looks solid! Our summer movie poll indicates that Transformers II looks to be the big winner at the box office….  and if Megan Fox appears anything as hot as THIS (Megan Fox TOPLESS folks!) – then hell,  I may see it a few times 😀    Thank you my new friends at the Superficial! Yaaay!

be seeing you soon Megan Fox!

Again I say – “Yaaaaay!”

Speaking of box office, X-Men Origins: Wolverine opened up at $87Mil – which I think is rather disappointing 😦  It will recoup make a nice profit, but I bet its nowhere near where Marvel would like to have its (ahem!) #1 Ranked comic book character. And that is waaaaaaay off from all three Spider-Man openings and X-Men 2 and 3!  Considering that IRON MAN is a B-level character and it pulled in $300Mil total in the U.S alone – #1 character-ranked Wolverine looks to only make $150mil at the box office. Does this prove that story matters???  I think so.

Damn you Hollywood suits for screwing up a great story!!

From we here at 2 Comic Book Guys TOLD YOU SO!


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