NBC HEROES SEASON FINALE! The Invisible Thread – Recap and More!!

O. M. G!!!

Tell me you watched Heroeslast nite!!

The best way to sum it up? SYLAR. is an evil. twisted. BASTARD!



BUT You know who is REALLY evil??? Angela Petrelli and Noah Gray (HRG)!!

Honestly, how can they morally keep that monster SYLAR alive!?



  • Danko the Hunter learns the hard way not to trust Sylar. Sylar frames him by becoming him and shooting down agents.


  • Hiro and Ando rescue all of the superpowers from Bldg. 26. But Hiro may die from using his power too much. He had a stroke /heart failure!

  • Senator Nathan Petrelli is dead DEAD! Sylar slashed his throat wide open and bled him to death!

peter_2b_nathan_vs_sylar     nathan_is_killed

  • PETER PETRELLI saved the day! He stole Sylar’s shape-changing power – pretended to be the president – and tranquilized him!

  • Sylar was finally captured! BUT – instead of killing him once and for all….. Angela and HRG want to use him….

  • To replace NATHAN!

  • They force Matt Parkman (who is becoming more powerful) to brainwash Sylar to be Nathan – so now Sylar is actually living his life as Nathan Petrelli! Ugh – is that sick or WHAT?!!?

  • Tracy is back – with water powers!




Claire: “I’ll keep trying to kill you for the rest of my life.”

Sylar: “Well, everybody needs a hobby.”






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