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Ashton Kutcher hits 1,000,000 Twitter Followers!

And directly after writing that? – I  envisioned the porno version of Twitter called TITTER. Cuz u know there’s a porn version for EVERYTHING. (porntube, pawgtube, etc) by leaving a mssg you leave a ‘TIT’. And u have to describe … Continue reading

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Galactus WHAT IF?………..2 Comic Book Guys report….

WHAT IF?………..GALACTUS, the WORLD EATER himself, had to go on a diet? could you imagine the talk? what doctor is brave enough to tell a muh fuccah who eats PLANETS that he has to go on a diet? that conversation … Continue reading

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What in the Hell? look who’s on time today T.G.I.F…….

hey hey hey!!!!!! no fuckers, its not fat albert! its the WORLD FAMOUS KING OF CRAZY, the lovable, huggable, cuddly-soft muh fuccin funny ninja from the other side of the blenda, smokin whippits and dippin crickets in hot cheese sauce … Continue reading

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