NBC ‘HEROES’ RECAP – SPOILERS: ‘1961’ recap – ‘I am Sylar’ teaser, spoilers and promo pics!

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AnyHooo! So – is it me or is HEROES JUST SOO DAMN GOOD LATELY??!! Did you see? If you miss – watch it here

OR – click the vidcap!


If you have not watched last night but want the juicy parts, read the OFFICIAL SUMMARY BELOW….

  • Angela Petrelli takes her family and HRG to the testing site at Coyote Sands to – dig up graves.
  • We see Angela’s flashbacks – she and her SISTER were taken to a camp for children with abilities.
  • Mohinder’s dad, Chandra Suresh was leading the experiments on the children.
  • We discover Angela and her sisters powers. “I think I can control the weather”
  • Angela left her sister  for dead – while she escaped the camp. One of the other kids was Lindermann!
  • Angela’s sister is STILL ALIVE.

AND NOW….. now for the Juicy Stuff!

**** WARNING!! ****

the following is spoiler for the next exciting episode of Heroes 3 x 24, ‘I AM SYLAR’! Contains info and photos! READ AT RISK.




Of all of the theories online, these are my faves…

  • Sylar will shape shift into many different people and trick others the way he did in Turn and Face the Strange.
  • Samson will be back with his hunger returned, and he will be the second Sylar. He and his son will fight each other.
  • Sylar will appear to die, but he will take Nathan‘s place linking to the future seen in Five Years Gone.
  • Sylar will acquire too many identities and become Uluru from Isaac’s paintings in season 1.
  • I am Sylar” will be one of Sylar’s most famous quotes. He will say it to Noah, perhaps making reference to Sylar never changing, and finally kill him.
    • Such as “I am neither good nor evil, I am Sylar!” or “I am neither a hero or a villian, I am Sylar!”

    and my absolute favorite…

  • After staying in a shape shifted form and taking on the personalities to fool others he will begin to fool himself and forget his identity.

And finally, here our sneaky peek production photos of the April 20th episode 3 x 24.



Is Sylar helping out Micah? doubt it…

Will Baby ‘Touch and Go’ Parkman bring them together?

Uh oh….Sylar v. Nathan! Who wins this one?!

For people who think that Heroes is not that great anymore 


This show is the best!

And to just think that there are only TWO episodes left and the Season Finale!! Cannot imagine what the writers have in store for us!!

Heroes is the best show on television!

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2 Responses to NBC ‘HEROES’ RECAP – SPOILERS: ‘1961’ recap – ‘I am Sylar’ teaser, spoilers and promo pics!

  1. shoboink says:

    Watched EP24 last night. It was amazing!!!! I wonder why Sylar didn’t die after the rude dude stabbed him in the head, though?


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