I know, I know, this ain’t really Friday T.G.I.F!!!……….

dear readers,

so what if I’m two days late? its ok. you’re getting what you want. you’re getting your fix! i feel like a crack dealer.

only except i have an endless supply for the crack you so desperately crave. lemme tell you something, world. jolt energy gum?

bad idea. i have a piece in my mouth right now, and its not looking good for the home team. my stomach DEFINITELY does NOT approve. got a case of the bubble guts right now.

you know the deal. new paragraph, new topic. first, i gotta go take a shit………………….. ok, i’m back. this is what i equate my shit to. you know how you lay in bed with someone you like, love, care about, are interested in seeing them naked, etc? that’s what my poop was like, lol. stupid ass gum. 2nd piece (i’m hoping for vomit now!)!!! i’m a glutton for self -punishment.

big ups (brooklyn talk) to everyone who’s been reading, saving, and bookmarking the blog to their personal computers. we love you all, and thanks for the continued support. you’ve helped us reach almost 20k of fans. and we’re grateful to you all, and will continue bringing you high quality, low brow entertainment, and i personally will do my best to deliver nothing but the best pics of great sets of fabic dots

 and shirt wrestlers.

that’s a guarantee that you don’t have to stick your head up a bull’s ass to see, right chris farley? he knows, ladies and gents. he knows.

oh, i can be completely lazy now!!!! yesterday, i went to the world’s greatest electronic retail distribution center in all of america, a.k.a BEST BUY

 (i swear, i’m going to fucking buy stock in that company one day when i have more physical cash than digital cash. thanks, mobsters!) and purchased a WIRELESS keyboard and mouse combo.

i can do this shit from my bed now!!! if only there were a way to make this motherfucker power up from the keyboard, i’d never leave the comfort of my bed, which smells great by the way. and also feels like a second home to me. but back to the mouse/keyboard thing. i HIGHLY recommend that you all get one. make sure you get the biggest monitor you can first. i have a 24″, but now that i have the wireless set, i’m thinking ARBY’S. their roast beef is tits!

let’s see, i’m also in the market for another computer. ol’ reliable has given me some good years, but its time to upgrade, right neo?

he said it best. so did beyonce

(we’ll talk later, jay. lucky fuck!) i do want something with a bigger hard drive so i can put my entire music library on my iPod (its black, its durable, its with me everywhere i go), including my porn (and they don’t make an iPod with that big of a harddrive yet, lol), with artists ranging from Akon,

to the Vengaboys

(i told you a long time ago, i don’t listen to country. it sucks!). i even have Bo Bice

(i’m gonna kill my friend who let me jack all his music from his terabyte onto my terabyte. i borrow, i don’t steal!), and ZZ Top,

who by the way, might be the coolest white dudes i ever heard on wax (more brooklyn talk. it means record, people!!! keep up!)

nothing better than waking up sunday morning on Easter and a storm is gonna roll in. was gonna go wash my car, but that gives mother nature another reason to piss me off. oh well, its called nu-finish for a reason. the water just beads off………..

and now, i’ve got ZZ Top completely stuck in my head. hold on, gotta bring up Media Player.


ok, gotta nice eclectic selection of music that will be accompanying this blog. only you can’t hear it. kinda like when i talk to myself inside myself? just like that.  wouldn’t it be cool if we all had thought bubbles like they do in the comics? and you didn’t think i could relate the random shit i say to the premise of this blog. i’d rather talk to you people in person. that’s why i need an outlet. radio, television? you’d all be entertained, people? carlos santana, i love you.

i have the sudden urge to eat elfvortes. that’s a word scramble, people!! 10 points if you can figure it out. word scrambles in my head now? i’ve unlocked another door up there. and you’re all going to pay for it.




and now, i’d like to leave this post with a quote: “unofficial people will elevate to the ranks of greatness. just look at me.” – Chestnutt Decker, some guy i just created in my head. if there’s a Chestnutt Decker out there, i bet you never said this.

Friday, daywalking my ass to go watch Food Network! snootchie bootchies!

sparrow, this bud light lime’s for you!

About Friday

Connoisseur of comic books and culinary amateur extraordinaire, attempting to balance passion and hobby with life occasionally getting in the way.
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1 Response to I know, I know, this ain’t really Friday T.G.I.F!!!……….

  1. Sparrow says:

    Thanks for the bud light lime… I definitely need another. I’m not going to say one word about you being late on the blog… whoops. =)


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