I’m RICH, b**ch!!

Not really. Not yet at least.

But dammit – I want to be Rich!! Nah bump that – I want to be WEALTHY!

I don’t want the mansion and the yacht. I want the COMPANY that builds the mansion and the yachts! I’m not talking baller-status like these rappers spending they label advance money – coppin $200,000 platinum chains off of a hot single, while they albums goes brass (Flo-Rida, holla)  Nahhhh, I’m talking REAL MONEY, Playah.

SERIOUSLY – Ig’nant – money. The type that Busta Rhymes talks about in his classic album ‘Extinction Level Event’. Yes, dammit – I want Donald Trump to deliver my mail and Oprah to do my laundry! I want an H2 that I drive to the mailbox…..and thats ALL i use it for!

I’ll have  to ride a helicoptor to survey my domain! I want THAT type of wealth.

And where did all of this lust for paper suddenly come from??

From reading this article righ’chere –> OUTRAGEOUS CELEBRITY HOMES.

Peep Will Smith’s cribpiece por ejemplo….


Maaaaan c’mon – that shit is GANGSTA! ….And they spent like 7 years building it!


Yo – WTF is that oval-shaped thing?? …… a vampire killing SUN ROOM?! (which is exactly what I would use it for – sans actual vampires)

See? I want that.And I prob would be jealous of all of these rich bastards – if I din’t admire them so much. Cuz’ they do they damn thing. Can’t be mad at them. I want that retarded money too!

  • I want 20,000 Sq footage of excess – with wings that I’ll never use!
  • I want to get lost in my bathroom while taking a dump on a fine china toilet. And wipe my ass with organic leaf-paper that i grow in my backyard!
  • I want a garage-sized door that leads DIRECTLY to my kitchen….so my butler Geoffrey can DRIVE THE BENTLEY into my house to drop off groceries in the closet-sized refridgerator!
  • I want a room called The Sunrise/Sunset Room – that rotates to catch the SUNRISE in the morning – and watch the SUNSET at nite! Ooo Weee!

Helll cheah’ …… like Jadakiss said in ‘We Gonna Make it’ – I want that shit that the government got! 😀 – But I’m not done yet!

  • I want to take monthly trips to Germany – just to drive my[ invisible] Aston Martin on the autobahn when I feel like it.


  • Steven Spielberg will be on speed dial – so when me and Friday make Casting Couch suggestions? PEOPLE WILL LISTEN.
  • Maaaaaan – why u foolin? Warren Buffett will hit me up on TWITTER!

Now THAT is the type of wealth I am talking about! 😀  holla


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1 Response to I’m RICH, b**ch!!

  1. friday says:

    i just want a spaceship with a huge ass back area that opens up with a glass ceiling so i can get as close as i can to the sun and grow seedless weed. then come back and sell the purest form there is. and then i’d buy a robot monkey. real ones are just too damn unpredictable.


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