NBC HEROES Update and Recap! – “Turn and Face the Strange” – Ep 3 x 22!

Episode 3 x 22

Turn and Face the Strange

So last nite’s Heroes episode was rather intense!

‘Turn and Face the Strange’ dealt a mighty blow to the so-called cold and heartless Hunter Emile Danko!

Turns out that Danko has [SPOILER ALERT!] To see Danko’s secret scroll over this blank spot! –> Danko is really in love with a Russian call girl! So he DOES have a weak side!!!


In other episode updates –

Sylar is enjoying his new power as a shape-shifter,


Hiro and Ando reunite baby Matt Parkman with Daddy Matt Parkman,

Ahhhh….lookit the babeeeeee!

HRG is trying to discover if Sylar is really dead or not,


and Angela Petrelli and her sons are about to uncover the BIGGEST mystery in the Heroes’ storyline!!!

According to this interview from Joe Pokaski and Aron Coliete of Behind the Eclipse, there will be some drawbacks from Sylar new shape-shifting ability!  Listen to their response about Sylar’s changing shapes and the effect it will have on him!!


“With Sylar’s new ability are there going to be ramifications? You don’t just turn into someone else and everything is okay? Right?”

Smoove, you are knocking on our door, so let us direct your attention to episode 24: “I am Sylar.” The subtitle could credibly be: “I am still Sylar, aren’t I?”

Does this mean that Sylar will be suffering from identity crisis!!? As if he doesn’t have enough problems as it is!!

WHOOOOOOoooo!! So folks there are only 3 episodes left in this season and things are REALLY starting to heat up! Plus – with the promise of more nastiness from SYLAR [Episode 24, ‘I am Sylar’] – we can expect even mORE MOre and MORE goodness from Heroes!!!!  Whew! I’m out of breath! This is Dumpling signing out til next time!

Want to know ALL 110 Heroes characters? CLICK HERE!

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