Watch NBC Heroes: Into Asylum – Episode 3×21 (Mar 30, 2009)


HEROES IS the best show on television!!! 

DID you see last nite’s episode???


NOW is NOT the time to slack on Heroes intake!! This show is moving into the stratosphere of greatness! The intense level is at an all-time high and the suspense is killing me! WHOA!! 

Here are some highlights from last nites show!

  • Nathan Petrelli’s whole plan fell apart! He is on the run with Claire Bennett – in MEXICO!
  • Angela and Peter Petrelli are also hiding out from governement agents!
  • The Hunter has teamed up with the evil SYLAR! What the heck is THAT all about?!?!?
  • A shape-shifter is running around town! Shape shifters are cool!

I cannot even do this episode justice – just watch it for yourself! (click on the image to view the whole recap of the episode.)


This is why i love about Heroes. Despite all of their awesome powers they are still human, and that is what makes us care for them.

Take for instance Nathan Petrelli. Senator Petrelli may think he is above all of  the danger, but he soon finds out that his special power is what sets him apart from ‘normal’ humans. Now that his secret is out  (he can fly) – Nathan is also a TARGET (dumbass! What was he thinking?! )

he is at the end of his rope! NO MORE HIDING, Nathan! Where will you run to now? Who will you turn to?

Poor little cheerleader – Claire Bennet.


She is still trying to find herself in all of this mess. She cannot be killed – well, hard to kill since she can regenerate – but has no real fighting skills. BUT she wants to help so badly that she willing to risk life of limb for the fight!

We did see a future version of Dark Claire (lol) where she actually LEAD the rebellion! That Claire has not surfaced yet. Claire has DADDY ISSUES! Will Nathan become her father – or will he continue to dissappoint those around him?

And then…there is SYLARRR!!!! (dude is wicked!! One of my fav characters on there, I must say.)


Evil, creepy, psycho Sylar!!

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