Comic Book Spotlight On: Lila Cheney!

Spotlight On:


(1st appearance – New Mutants Annual #1)


Why we love her:   Well for one she’s a Babe!  I mean she is pretty damn hot! Hot enuff to make Friday’s TOP TEN comic book babes list? Hmmmm……

Ionknow – but me likey 🙂 –  She’s got that total Girl Next Door package – ya know? Babe-a-licious, kinda tomboy-ish,  tight lil body, feisty, spontaneous, fun-loving, rock star/adventurer!

OH – and did i mention that she is a mutant, interstellar, Omega-Class teleporter?

hell yeh – Lila Cheney can teleport ANYWHERE – from across galaxies – or even across the street to a 7-11! She has teamed up with the New Mutants and X-Men on many occasions – sometimes just hanging out, sometimes rocking out, often times getting in and out of trouble. never a dull moment!



CAN YOU IMAGINE HER AS YOUR GIRLFRIEND??? The possibilities are endless!! She can teleport you anywhere in the world galaxy!   (Not sure where in the galaxy we would GO – but still…..) This completely cuts out travel time ie, BEER RUNS – family visits – Club-hopping – No jail in the world could hold you!…..



but most importantly of all…..SAY GOODBYE TO FUCCIN AIRPORT SECURITY!

lila-cheney_super1  <–  you tell them Lila baby!

fuccin airline security bastards…. why are they almost always angry females??!  ANYWAY —>


In fact – I just wrote a song for her! Wanna hear it? –  Hereitgoes!

Sung to ‘Hey There Delilah’

Verse: Hey there, Lila – you’re an Omega-Class teleporter – even though we’re worlds apart – you can bring me a glass of water! 

Chorus:  Ohhhh, its what you do to meeeeee! Ohhhh its what you do to meeee! What you do to meee….”

Plain White Ts – get on it.

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