T.G.I.F. rip roaring, and ready to go!!!!

what up, people? i’m up early, and eagerly waiting to entertain you with my witty sayings of nothing-ness and make believes. i feel like the fat black Mr. Rogers minus the train, puppets, and the cool house shoes. nothing says relaxed like a good comfortable pair of house shoes, right?

anybody been paying attention to March Madness? i didn’t do to bad with my picks. my final four and my elite eight are all still in play, but i expected some upsets. speaking of upsets, SIENA

had to be the upset to watch!!! if you missed that game, you  missed what college basketball is ALL about! i was at a restaraunt/bar with some friends, and there were some OHIO STATE

(sorry, Jay! love you like a play cousin, though) fans in there. and they were upset at the end of the game! the Buckeyes did play a great game, although. and how about those MARYLAND TERPS?!!!

gotta go with my home team, people. i know, Vasquez was talking trash and MEMPHIS

murdered them on the court, but i didn’t pick them to make it past Memph anyway. we’re talking bracketology, people!! i got money riding on Memphis winning this whole thing!! they have to redeem themselves after last years’ ass-WHOOPING by KANSAS!!!!

i’m trying to keep up with everything online, and i noticed that some of my picks for upsets made it through. but towards the end of it all, you have to go with teams who play a great balance of defense as well as offense. and i think that team this year is Memphis.

random thought that just popped in my head: if you don’t think will smith is a nice rapper, IMMEDIATELY go and download Jeff Was on the Beat Box!!! i heard it on my Ipod yesterday (and its been a while since i’ve shuffled through all 2500 plus songs on there) and………..you know what? don’t take my word for it. listen to it. this is back when he was still writing his own tracks. and Jeff’s scratching? simply. fucking. amazing. period.

i consider myself to be somewhat of a music guru. not too big into Country Music (sorry, it doesn’t do it for me. there are a few songs, but i don’t know the names of them OR the artist), but i’ll listen to almost anything. except for alien ant farm. you just don’t touch Smooth Criminal. you DON’T!!!!! jerks! now, my brain is filled with random songs (if i had to put a number in there, it’d be around 5,000-plus. and for some odd reason, the Foo Fighters: The Best of You is engrained in the memory banks. i’ve even listened to the song multiple times. what’s wrong with me, you ask? i’m EFFING crazy!! pass the popcorn, i’m about to get busy.

her name bubbles!! lol, god bless you kevin smith for giving us Zack and Miri make a porno. can you say Classic?!! i knew you could!

i’mnowgoingtotypethisentirelinewithoutusingthespacebar.                                                                ifyoulookrealclose,itlookslikeiwrotethewordpenis,lol.

so, i saw I Love You, Man this past weekend. go see it. its a chick flick for guys. the old bromance thing. i’m telling you, i laughed throughout the whole movie. damn its cold in here. better get a blanket. i just thought that and wrote it. so you know the kinds of things going on up in my head. people who know me know this: you don’t open doors in my head. leave those rooms closed and/or locked, and continue down the crooked hallway till you get to the winding staircase and exit through the way from which you came in. trust me on this one. there’s men, women, kids, animals, a robot, Zordon from the Power Rangers, a giraffalo (yes, one of those), some empty syrup bottles, two dirty magazines, a beat up chevy chevette, cigarette stains, an original radio flyer wagon, police lights and sirens, and a tree from the Lord of the Rings books. and all that’s just in one room. so stay outta there!

here’s who i have a problem with: you people who complain in restaraunts. i stopped going out with people who do that. never talk down to the guys and gals who handle your food. go rent waiting, and get back at me if you think i’m joking. i used to work in a restaraunt. you’d be suprised at some of the things you——oh yeah, you couples who want a late night meal, take your asses to ihop or denny’s. you are the WORST!! because you know who has to stay late after you’ve gone home all fat and happy and only left a 3 dollar tip for the “inconvieniece”? the one waiter/waitress who served you, a busboy, and the dishwashers who have to wait because they can’t leave the station dirty!!!

“you people can go to hell. i will go to accounting!!!”

friday, testing out his new straight jacket!!!

About Friday

Connoisseur of comic books and culinary amateur extraordinaire, attempting to balance passion and hobby with life occasionally getting in the way.
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3 Responses to T.G.I.F. rip roaring, and ready to go!!!!

  1. matt says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).


  2. no boobies in this post?!?! AMAZING!


  3. friday says:

    i know! i’ll make sure i get some in tomorrow!


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