Wolverine’s Top Ten battles! – It had to be done!

Friday gave ya’ll the ill Top Ten Comic book babes list. That joint was so fire! – that I HAD to trump that follow up with my own Top Ten list! 😀

Wolverine has fought over a thousand times and killed just as many enemies – so whose to say which fights are the best? These picks stand out as some of the most memorable slugfests in Wolverine history!! Some you know – some you may have read – some you definitely want to check out!  So without any further delay I give you – (in no particular order) …..


#1. Wolverine Vs. Hulk – Round 1 (Incredible Hulk #181)


Wolverine’s official debut kicked off when Weapon X (Wolvie) was assigned to hunt down and take out the HULK! Wolvie soon found out this was Waaaaaaaaay easier said than done! Not even 2-foot long adamantium claws could stop the Green Goliath! “Why little man cut Hulk?!!” Classic. 🙂

#2. Wolverine vs. Hulk – Round 2! (Incredible Hulk #340)


Yo- i love this cover! This time, H v.W gets the Todd McFarlane treament, which meant more savagery and lots more blood! Wolvie really opens up a can this time and fights Hulk toe-to-toe….damn near to a standstill! Matter fact Wolvie guts Hulk wiiide -the-fuk open and leaves him for dead. Until Hulk’ gamma-radiated regenerating blood cells kicks in…..Damn those gamma-radiated regenerating blood cells!

#3. Wolverine vs. Hellfire Club (Uncanny X-Men #133)


A defining moment in X-Men history! Wolvie goes completely APESHIT on the dolo tip and single-handedly takes out the entire Hellfire Club! His attack is so damn vicious that some of the guys left over (the ones who were NOT ripped to shreds) later got cybernetic parts and came back solely to get revenge on Logan! [see: The Reavers]….If you never read this issue, good God… do yourself a favor and get it NOW.

#4. Wolverine ‘kills’ Sabretooth (Wolverine #90)


‘SCHLIKT!’ –  the sound of ‘Snikt‘ when connecting with someone’s brain tissue. In this case, Wolverine ‘shlikts’ Sabretooths brain – thereby killing him.  This is one of their most brutal fights – and Wolvie clearly gains ‘hand’ over ‘Tooth.  [Later turns out the ‘Schlikt-ing’ doesn’t kill ‘Tooth – but does reduce him to a puppy-like state.] Same diff…

#5 – Magneto rips out Wolverine’s adamantium  (X-Men #25, 2nd series)


I already covered this historic fight HERE and it definitely belongs on this list as well!

Not so much a battle since Mags basically handed Wolvie his ass on a platter – but Wolverine did gut Magneto wide open. Magneto Uber-retaliates by ripping the adamantium clean off of  Wolvies bones and yanks it out of his body!! This is one of the biggest turning points in X-men and Marvel Comics continuity. Our favorite Canadian spent YEARS coping with the loss of his metal skeleton. The physical and mental pain was so far beyond ‘ouch’ its fuccin ridiculous. There are only few things that could match that pain-wise…this is one of them. (yumm!)

#6 – Wolverine vs. Hulk (round 3!) -AND – Sabretooth (Wolverine vol 2 #145)


It was the return of the ADAMANTIUM! Wolverine is now DEATH – working as a Horseman of Apocalypse! As part of the job, Wolverine and Sabretooth have a vicious battle to see who is truly worthy of survival. Wolvie comes out on top – and Apocalypse removes the metal from ‘Tooth and gives it back to Wolvie! Next, he sends him to KILL THE Incredible Hulk – who is deemed as ‘Unworthy’. The two engage in yet another brutal battle – but this time Wolvie, amplified with his DEATH powers, has the upper hand! Savage, cunning, relentless, and armed with a bigazz, 6-ft long adamantium sabre ‘Wolvie-Death’ takes the Hulk down for good!….. Or does he? Seems like these guys can’t get enough of each other!

#7 – Wolverine vs. EVERYBODY (What If?: Enemy of the State)


Is it cheating if I use a What If? issue??? I dont think so but its just a damn cool story! The setup is that Wolverine is never De-programmed from the Hydra brainwashing in the original ‘Enemy of the State’ storyline. So rather than breaking free and going after bad guys, he takes on and kills damn near EVERYBODY. Unable to stop this brainwashed killing machine, SHIELD is reduced to few people. The fight comes down to Captain America, Magneto, Invisible Woman. ….and a secret weapon – Kitty Pryde.

#8 – Wolverine vs. Brood (Uncanny #162-166)


The first TRUE Wolverine solo adventure pits Logan against -well, an entire Brood alien army! Wolverine shows just how much of a warrior he is – going into animal berserker mode and taking out swarms of ‘Sleazoids’ ….and even fighting off a full-on Queen Brood infection! Wolverine proves that he really is the ‘Best at what he does’ – on any planet!**


#9 – Wolverine vs Sabretooth – Mutant Massacre! (Uncanny #212/213)

xmen212-2 xmen213

Most peeps consider this the mother of all Wolverine/Sabretooth fights! The Mutant Massacre – when the Marauders slaughter dozens of under-dwelling Morlocks – shakes the Marvel Mutant universe up to its core! This is the first showing of these two savage warriors going heads up against each other! Lots of shit-talking, ripping, stabbing, shredding, slicing, dicing, healing, cutting, chopping…..u get the idea!!! I forgot who wins….


#10 – Wolverine vs Cyclops! -(Age of Apocalypse)


In one of the greatest Wolverine battles NEVER seen, you have to go with this one!

Cyclops –  the trustworthy and steadfast leader of the X-men -and- (sometimes) husband to Jean Grey;

Wolverine –  the free-spirited wild loner, who has long harbored intense feelings for Jean Grey…..THIS FIGHT WAS INEVITABLE!

The fight takes place during the Age of Apocalypse storyline – an altered timeline (later restored back to normal.)  What makes this stand out is that a war-hardened Cyclops was able to do what no other villain could before –  MAIM Logan permanently! One full-throttle optic blast from the AOA Cyclops blew Logan’s hand clean off! – leaving him with a stub that never healed back!

Of course, Wolverine got his licks in too by slicing out one of Cyclops’ eye – making him a true CYCLOPS! ha 😀


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7 Responses to Wolverine’s Top Ten battles! – It had to be done!

  1. Hi, good post. I have been thinking about this issue,so thanks for writing. I’ll certainly be subscribing to your posts. Keep up great writing


  2. dailypop says:

    Nice article!

    I’m trying my best to think of another contender to add to the list. How about the days of Future Past moment where he is zapped by a Sentinel? Well… that didn’t exactly pan out to well for Wolverine though, did it?

    The recent battle with Stryfe in the Messiah War crossover was also a decent battle. Have you read that?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jay says:

    I’ve read about 25 yrs worth of Wolverine -related fights/ battles how many fights has he had? THOUSANDS?? LOL I don’t think a Top Ten is possible but i damn shure gave it a shot!
    You should make a Top Ten Battle list – I’d like to see what you come up with 🙂


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  5. crazychris says:

    cool here are some of my favorites how about the battles against cyber. xorn, shingen, magneto again when he gutted mags and mags was in a wheelchair when cassandra nova blew up genosha. genesis and the dark riders when wolvie killed them. the gorgon, satan, wildchild, omega red, lady deathstrike, the adamantium men, romulus, daken, onslaught, roughouse, bloodscream, razorfist, gladiator, the thing, spiderman, punisher plenty more. how about the cyclops wolvie battle in schism.


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