The LEGEND OF ZELDA finally!!!! Casting Couch Spectacular!

You knew this was gonna happen….we at 2 comic book guys had to do this………

Well people, we here at the casting couch had to bring you a video game movie. that’s right, folks! we don’t just cast comic book movies, we’ve expanded our base to include every facet of entertainment. this is for the kids, adults, grown folks, and animals that think they’re human. that’s right, i try to cover ALL the bases! with that out of the way, we’re casting this movie today!!!

first off, for the character of  Link, i’m gonna have to go with Orlando Bloom. you all know why. his role in Lord of the Rings as the badass elf Legolas more than qualifies him to play the lead character. plus, he’s used to the ears! that’s what it’s about, people!

i know, you all thought about it too. so for zelda, i’m gonna go with Arielle Kebbel. ‘why would you do that, friday?’ well honestly, because i can!! do you need anymore explanation. i’ve kept this young hottie on the backburner for a while now. but i never kept my eye off of her.

just peep the resume: soul plane, american pie: band camp, john tucker must die, the grudge 2. she’s due a serious role  to stretch her acting talents, people! this resume isn’t strong in the least, but it shows you that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. and i got three words for you. hot elf ears!!! its ingrained in your heads already. don’t deny it.

playing the role of Impa (yeah, i went there), i’m gonna go with Dame Helen Mirren.

that’s the best pic i could find of Impa, folks. deal with it! so, for the villan, Ganon, I GOTTA go with Ron Pearlman. His role as Hellboy lets me know that he can withstand being on camera in makeup and prostetics, and plus…..and plus!! who else has that chin?!!!!

ron_perlman__1_   ron-perlman-photo


and since i can’t find a decent pic of him, i’m just going to post a hellboy pic, proving the longevity in the make up fact.


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