An actual T.G.I.F. on Friday!!!! perish the thought!!!!

so i woke up really early this morning, partly because i’ve trained my body for a maximum of 5 hours of sleep, and mostly because i’ve got today off and wanted to give you that oomph you needed to help you get through the day!! i’ve replied to comments, posted a new casting couch for the first time in forever, and you’re welcome!!!

so i’ve recently been “put on (damn you, young jeezy!!!)” to this girl from some show i’ve never watched. millions of teenyboppers all over had heard of this young lady, but she slipped under the radar. she slipped under my radar. and damn you, MTV for getting rid of the music format and turning me off to your channel. i completely missed her, thanks to you. i’m talking about audrina patridge. i don’t even care if i spelled her name right. it doesn’t even matter. this does (NSFW full view here!):



i don’t care who or what she’s looking at. here’s my real question: where the hell is the pic taken? it looks to me like that’s one of those pools where the water flows over the top into another pool, the old waterfall effect, lol. yeah yeah, i know. topless hottie, and i’m worried about the effing pool?! screw you then!! location, location, location.  ahhhhh, so young and nubile…….

it feels good to have today off. i really feel like having a drink right now. at 7:47 am central standard time. is that bad? the captain and i haven’t talked in a long time (and by long, i mean last weekend), and we need to discuss a few things.

things like:

a. why is the nip slip a day changing event for guys? if you’re having a shitty day, and some college girl (this is austin, people!) subconsciously adjusts her tube top and you catch a peek, you remember that for the rest of the day. don’t act like i’m the only one!!!

2. reality shows haven’t gone away. what’s the deal? i’ve actually watched morons make fools of themselves! is it about the money or the 15 min. of fame? new york, your time’s up!

c. what’s the deal with flying cars? was hanna barbera wrong? where’s my flying car, dammit! damn you, george jetsooooonnnnnnn!!!

17. how cool am i to be able to have a conversation with a guy on a bottle? very cool, that’s how cool. notice how i skipped numbers and added letters to my categories? that’s my level of fun-ness (a.k.a drunkeness). like rum? we’re cool. like vodka? you’re cool, just not rum level cool.

i’ve been experimenting with growing a beard. its not working. at all. call me patch adams.

 this is not an actual portrait, but this guy knows where i’m coming from. he feels my pain. so i continue to shave in the hopes that one day i shall have a full grown sweet ass beard. something that people stay away from me in the bar sweet!


with a beard like this, i’d be able to stare down guys, and talk the ladies into “doing things” for me…..damn adrian grenier. handsome man, you!!! in a totally not gay way. if i were a chick though…………………….i would do things

 like posing in bikinis……

 buying shoes (yeah, i’d wear this, male or female)……

 cook naked………..

just fun stuff. cuz that’s what i’m all about. fun stuff. why isn’t there a psychotic superhero?

never mind. i forgot about the sentry. crazy fuck!!!

friday, wrapping up!


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