WATCHMEN Movie review! ** SPOILERS **

Jay’s 1-minute movie review:

watchmen poster

For all of the millions (‘…and The Rock says MILLIONS!’) of Watchmen fans – rejoice! The movie stays true as an adaptation of the graphic novel. The special FX are on point, the storyline is intact, and Rorshach is a fuccin BEAST!  watchmen rorshach

The ending is different from the alien-invasion book ending – but I say the movie version actually makes better sense.

The best part of the movie is watching the Watchmen in their fight scenes! There’s a reason these vigilantes were running shit! We see them in all of their gut-wrenching, BONE-CRUNCHING, crime fighting glory! And Damn a Carla Gaguino!  that other chik – Silk Spectre II, is the real darling of the movie.

watchmen_silk_owlWatch her and Night Owl get biz-nut in his flying owl-ship!! 🙂 …and again I say –  🙂  !

Dr. Manhatten [the blue guy] is cool. watchmen manhatten

Ozymandius is smooth-talking terror, the Comedian – I wish they shown more of him. ….and did I mention that Rorshach is a BEAST?!

Movie takes 2 hours and 40min to get the story across – but its well worth it to watch – if only ONCE.Watchmen

My Grade: 4 out of 5 stars.

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3 Responses to WATCHMEN Movie review! ** SPOILERS **

  1. friday says:

    it was great. i loved it. will DEFINITELY see it again
    two things: 1. i got three words for ya- gratuitous blue penis.

    b. super-hero vehicular sex!

    but the story was great. “GIMME BACK MY FACE!!!!!!!!”


  2. J.R. LeMar says:

    I was a tad underwhelmed. It’s ironic that I think that V For Vendetta, while much less faithful to the source material, was a much better film, even though I like the Watchmen comic-book better.


  3. Jay says:

    Yeh J.R. – it is very hard to take an awesome story like this, condence it down to a movie , and please everyone. I honestly think that it was as good as it gets for the silver screen!


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