Superhero Weekend T.G.I.F!!!!!

i know jay already posted it………

WATCHMEN!!!! now, i haven’t had the chance to go see it yet, but trust me, i’m on it. man, i hope its everything the hype lives up to be. does anyone like pretzels as much as i do? soft or hard, they have a good taste to them. i particularly like the Snyder’s brand.

particularly  the honey mustard variety. don’t eat this crap, people!! this is how you get FAT!!!!!

well that, and candy, of course. but candy is good for you. its a comfort food. well, skittles and pixie sticks are pretty much like crack.

if i eat a whole bag, i’m liable to do something that could end my ass up in jail. and do you know what they do to people like me in jail? they leave me alone!! know why? cuz the minute i get in there, i’m  knocking the first mother fucker out!!!

muhammad-ali-knock-out.jpg knock ot picture by graphicrocket

that’s only so they can throw me in the hole. i had a buddy who did that. they put him in the hole for a few days, he’d come out, knock the next fuck out, and go back to the hole. sound like good advice to me!!

i’m watching IRON MAN right now, since i’m not at the theatres watching THE WATCHMEN. sexy ass carla gugino……

ah, sin city…… know, she’s come a long way since old son-in-law with pauly shore. which is still watchable. pretty funny even now. fuck you if you don’t agree with me.

i heard through the gravevine that there’s a superhero sex scene. if involves her, i’m definitely going to see it. you know, the spandex and the super tight leather look is so freaking hot! does anyone remember the matrix?

really, that doesn’t do it for you right there? my god, i think you’ve all smoked yourselves retarded!! this chick is uber gorgeous! this is the type of girl you bring home regardless of marital status. and who cares if you get caught? you just look at your loved one, tell monica to not stop, and say these words here: “listen. i know you’re upset. i know you’re in shock. don’t stop, monica. but look at her! look how hot she is!! if you weren’t so mad because you walked in on us, you’d be joining in right now. no, keep going, monica. she’ll be ok. listen, hon, i’ll pack up when i wrap it up here, ok? thanks. could you close the door if you’re not coming in? you’re a sweetheart!!”

and just for visual refrence (like i wasn’t going to do this, folks!)

damn you, clive owen!!!

i need to go to blockbuster and rent this!! Combien tu máimes

in my head, a conversation like that is possible. by the way, i still haven’t seen street fighter: legend of chun-li, or watchmen! but i will today!

friday, getting lotion!

About Friday

Connoisseur of comic books and culinary amateur extraordinaire, attempting to balance passion and hobby with life occasionally getting in the way.
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3 Responses to Superhero Weekend T.G.I.F!!!!!

  1. Jay says:

    Dude – recently u been on a certain ‘mood’ lately! Boob-age, cleaveage, nude-age – evrrything ok at the homefront??!!


  2. Miss greenpoplockanddropitdonkeykong Mcmahon says:

    Yeah…. Always about the boobies…. I mean come on… at some point you’re going to go out and buy yourself a set and sit there at work and constantly play with them. =) But really, who doesn’t love a good set of boobies?


  3. friday says:

    Jay, everything’s good at the homefront. Males and females alike all want to see boobies! especially a good set! i want everyone reading this, and if it takes forever till i find the perfect pic of the perfect set, then that’s what i’ll do, dammit! you see what Miss green poplockanddropitdonkeykong Mc Mahon said! the readers agree!!


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