Lastweek’swaslateifyouweren’tpayingattention T.G.I.F!!!!!

yeah, yeah, its not friday………….

i worked a full day. that beats the shit out of me. sit in front of a computer all day, and have to do it again when i come home? enough’s enough!! i can’t wait till it gets warm, and i’ll be outside mowing the yard or running. yeah right, my fat ass is gonna run……more like trot, everyone!!


no, that’s not me. i found a blog on a guy who is over healthy and started running. that’s what i call it now. over healthy. let’s get this trend started, people!

i don’t really have much to say today (odd that i would put that in a blog, huh?) partly because i’m tired. and i haven’t had coffee yet (which i normally don’t drink on the weekends, but sounds good once i saw it typed out), and i can smell myself. which is crazy, because i haven’t had sex, rolled around in poop, played a physical game of bingo, or been active at all! i woke up and jumped right on the computer to finish last week’s blog, and get this one out.

yeah, my video game addiction’s growing, by the way. i just bought a red x box 360. between that, and the ps3 and the wii, i’ve got it all covered as far as entertainment.

still haven’t thrown the official housewarming. i already know the cops are getting called. i can feel it. new people in the neighborhood? haven’t talked to anyone, but about to throw a bash? yeah, its gonna happen. cops’ll be like, ” eh, who owns this residence? and i’ll be like, not me!! ask a white dude.” to which i’m probably gonna end up in county with the local meth head who just couldn’t seem to get away that night, and is coming down off his high.

(ah, if only!!)

so after the episode of scooby doo is over, i quickly  ran over to the nearest theatrical borrowing  storage unit (you call it blockbuster, hollywood video, or video store. unless you got netflix. then you’re just lazy.)










 to pick up the movie. and you know what? i would totally bang the chick playing velma? sorry, the glasses, the voice, her inability to hide those luscious, juicy shirt pusher-outers from underneath that sweater? my god……….the casting director got that one right. you know what i didn’t rent? the second one. sometimes, one is enough.

why hasn’t there been a daredevil 2? marvel, call me. no more ben affleck!!!! but there’s interest in a part two, i’m telling you.


friday, playing the red x box!!


  • I guess as a true movie connessuier u will watch pretty much ANYTHING – good or bad. But – paying to watch scooby Doo??? I guess i just like my money more than my bad movies. And dont knock us Netflick-ers! …we are happy in the 21st century late-fee FREE….while Block-Wood video is quietly going out of business! [shhhh…]


  • i give the fans truly what they want to hear. unbiased opinion. it takes a dulled mind to be able to sit through such classic garbage as i have-but well worth it to give you readers that push or pull you need to go or stay away from the theatres.


  • I haven’t seen Scooby Doo, but just based on that picture, I think I’d smash Velma, too.

    And I think there should be another Dardevil movie. Not “Dardevil 2,” though. It needs the whole “Incredible Hulk/Punisher: War Journal” type of revamp, with a brand new cast. This could work great, if done series, like the Nolan Batman movies. I’d adapt Frank Miller’s “Born Again” storyline for the big screen. And it would be best if Marvel could buy back the rights, so they could tie it into their other Marvel movies if they want to.


    • They could call it Daredevil Man Without Fear. Minus Ben Affleck, though. I would really like to see a Marvel team up, actually. I don’t think i can wait for the avengers movie. i’m just an avid movie fan, really. and one of those types who will see a movie in the theatres multiple times if i enjoyed it the first time. just ask micheal bay. i saw transformers at least 3 times. hell, i might go watch it right now.


  • Miss greenpoplockanddropitdonkeykong Mcmahon

    Sweater Kittens……… You do love those sweater kittens. Who doesn’t? Whoever says they don’t is fucking lying because those babies are a work of art.


  • Damn how the hell did i miss this convo about the premise of a second Daredevil movie?? Friday go ahead and cue up the Daredevil, Man Without Fear remake blog!
    Warner Bros has set the STANDARD for do-evers, reduxes, fuck-ups, and relaunches!! (see: Superman, Batman 1-12 blog) LOL No reason why Marvel cannot start over with ‘DD’.


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