Friday’s top ten hottest video game chicks!

yeah, i’m a pervert, so what? most of you out there that play video games look at the digital chests on these women and wonder. i’m here to bring it to the light. hell, playboy did a spread on nude video game characters!!! but this is MY top ten list, in no particular order. i just can’t be by myself in the room playing one of these games with the lights off………..

1. The Legend of Zelda-Zelda-no doubt about it, those elf ears get me everytime. nuff said!

wow, cosplay pic is spot on, right? i’ll try to do that for the rest of this list. no promises!!!

2. Street Fighter-Chun-Li-those thighs………..where do I begin?

3. Tomb Raider-Lara Croft-did you really think the list wouldn’t have her on there?

4. Bloodrayne-Bloodrayne-bloodsucking, ultra-hot, vampire warrior!!!!!

5. Samus-Metroid-when i found out it was girl, there was some relief……….

6. Kasumi-Dead or Alive changed the way the digital ladies looked. you remember the commericial! “She kicks really high……..”

7. Tifa-Final Fantasy VII had me thinking if I really fought people, i could gain HP (hit points, people!!)

8. Ivy-Soul Caliber was never more fun than the hot chick with the Whip Sword!!! is it hot in here?!!


9.& 10. Morrigan and Lilith-Darkstalkers lesbians, or just really flirtatious? Can’t find one without the other!


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