T.G.I.F hummina cominatcha!!!!

Fanboys and fangirls,

so here lately, i’ve been experiencing kind of a teenage re-birth, let’s just say.  meaning, i recently have been enjoying playing video games again. now, for a while when i turned 19 many, many, moons ago, i found something else that captured my complete attention and lured me away from video games: the female form.

amazing, ain’t it? and fanboys, why would you continue to play video games when THIS is out there looking to be played with? THIS is completely interactive. THIS can provide minutes (or hours if you’re still a teen. we all once were) of satisfying entertainment. THIS releases endorphins and gives you fullfillment. THIS can feed you, pay bills, coversate with you, and make you feel oh-so-good. you know what can’t do that? this:

 man, but it sure can keep a muhfucca away from doing stupid shit!!

i’m not gonna lie. i was tempted to go and hang out with a friend of mine and some girl he banged and her friends. but, i stayed my happy ass in the house last night, cuz i couldn’t get off of KILLZONE 2.

now, i never played the first one. i’ve always been pretty partial to the RPG’s myself (never got into the WOW or Everquest, but you put The Legend of Zelda

or The Secret of Mana

in front of me? you might as well find me a portable jug to piss in, order some pizza, and take my blood pressure every two hours, cuz i ain’t moving.), but the first person shooters got me. let’s go back, ten years even, to when a first person shooter came out by the name of Golden Eye.

this was a classic!!!! i remember going back to my room after eating down the glop that resembles that meal you call lunch when i was in the army, and playing until it was time to go back to the motorpool or some kind of bullshit formation!!

don’t it take you back, jay? we would play this game for hours on end. but, lemme bring you to the present.  here i am, almost a decade later, and those feelings have re-emerged from down within. like, the inner video game child in me is poking his head back up. maybe my inner video game child is a cicada.

 only coming out every 17 years or so. but i tell you, the manufacturers are making it hard to stay away from dropping 400 dollars on these consoles nowadays. i mean really? who’s gonna stay away from the new street fighter?

the graphics are sick, the gameplay is awesome, they pretty much have created an anime movie that you can play with the storyline and all. and, chun-li’s in it!

not saying she wasn’t gonna be in it, but seeing as how her movie just came out, i figured it’d be good for publicity.

and speaking of Chun-li, her movie opened this past weekend. hey, i know, i know, you’re all expecting it to flop. but could it really be worse than the Van-Damme/Raul Julia debacle? poor Raul, he left this world with that piece of crap on his conscience. we miss you, dude. hey, Micheal Clarke Duncan playing Balrog?

 Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas playing Vega?

count me in. gotta get fandango. Friday, oredering popcorn!!!!!!!

About Friday

Connoisseur of comic books and culinary amateur extraordinaire, attempting to balance passion and hobby with life occasionally getting in the way.
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3 Responses to T.G.I.F hummina cominatcha!!!!

  1. Jay says:

    Dude – [crickets….]


  2. Mike says:

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  3. Miss greenpoplockanddropitdonkeykong Mcmahon says:

    Can I be your Catwoman?


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