Spotlight On: Dave Lizewski – KICK-ASS!

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Spotlight On:

Dave Lizewski (Kick-Ass)

1st Appearance: Kick-Ass #1  [2008]


Why we like him:

Dave Lizewsky did what a lot of us would like to do; put on a costume and become a real life hero! Actually….MOST OF US don’t wish to do that – especially when it comes to tryin to SQUEEEEEZE into a tightazz spandex outfit!

But that didn’t stop Dave from becoming a cult hero on Youtube, spawning hundreds of fans and dozens of copycats, and getting mixed up with the Mob!

Moment(s) of fame:

Catching multiple beat-downs.

– Running the streets dressed as a freakish, S&M gimp.

– gained the affection of a school crush – by pretending to be gay.

Other appearances: Youtube, Myspace.

BTW: Kick-Ass the movie this year!!  Also – #1 issues go for $20 on Ebay!

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