T.G.I.F is two weeks late………ok, two weeks and a day!

what’s up everyone! i know you all missed me. things have been hectic in my life, and i’ve been a little busy.  but i’m back for a long, special edition. yeah, yeah. its saturday, and you all haven’t heard from me in a while. i wish i could say i was on vacation somewhere exotic on a beach looking at this:

or throwing a party somewhere with chicks that look like this:

which reminds me i need to throw a house party. a themed one. that’s what you do when you have house parties, right? so the real problem is, i hadn’ t had the internet hooked up until about 5 days ago. and i’m at a computer all day, i don’t feel like getting on one when i get home. defending myself, right? piss off for having the thought in your heads! i feel like neo, working at a computer all day, and sleeping by one at night. i do it to bring you into my life, and i’m actually searching for the real life morpheus!!

cuz i don’t wanna be a c battery! i wanna be a 9 volt! so people will stick their tongues on me! not dudes. that’s just not right. but i have been watching tv and working out. god bless the man who figured out you could combine the two. now, if my gym would just invest in a little more money and buy the equipment with the tv and dvd combo built in powered by my constant motion on the machine, then i’d be skinny. i’m trying to look like this in two years:

 cuz right now, i’m kinda looking like this:

 without the hamburger, though.

but these are my personal problems.  but anyway, i’ve been re-reading the Return of Superman.

 finally, i relate comics into my random rants, right? but this is a great read. i picked up the graphic novel at my local half price books. superboy is a complete nut, steel is stoic, and the eradicator is a homicidal maniac! pick one up if you haven’t read it. and then shoot yourself in the foot with an airgun for not reading it when you had to wait a month to find out what happened!

do you watch psych? get on it. its one of the funniest shows on tv. trust me. really, is anyone excited as i am about bone thugs n harmony re-uniting? is it really just me? c’mon people!

yeah, this is an old pic, but FLESH N BONE  is free and they are back recording!

so i ordered some shirts off of  www.tshirthell.com this morning. a great business is shutting its doors for good in about 4 days, ladies, gents, and certain animals that can read and talk. or pretend to, at least. i suggest you check out the last of the creative shirts on sale, and everything is 10% off!!!! here are a few samples:

 hey, if mark cuban is wearing one, then you know its a site worth checking out!! one more for the porndogs out there:

 there you have it. about 4 reasons to spend your hard earned money on a company shutting its doors because of some tree hugging hippy got offended by shirts that are comical. i take no offense to any of the ethnic nor religious sayings on the shirts for sale.

man, i’m looking at that pic above. some of you aren’t even reading this. you just scrolled down a little to fit the pic a little better. aren’t boobs great? i mean, seriously, you can’t not love something both men AND women enjoy. unless your a jealous woman cuz you don’t have the size of anothers, or a gay dude. but even they probably wish they had a nice set of sweater stretchers. but don’t fret, ladies with little mammaries. i still love you. and i still look. i love em all. little nipples, pinkies (that’s nipples as long as a pinky, keep up people!), big areolas, bumpy ones, i can go on and on…do you need pics for reference? this is what i do.

that’s enough. don’t wanna seem like i surf too much porn, eroding my harddrive and spreading viruses. i do it for the research, ladies!!!

but i digress. i’ve spent about two hours writing and selecting pics. that, and an episode of psych came on so it took my attention away for half an hour. it wasn’t a repeat, so i had to watch it! off to the gym!!!

by the way, its saturday. pretend its friday!!


About Friday

Connoisseur of comic books and culinary amateur extraordinaire, attempting to balance passion and hobby with life occasionally getting in the way.
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3 Responses to T.G.I.F is two weeks late………ok, two weeks and a day!

  1. Jay says:

    Bout. Fuccin. TIME.
    Why do i have the overwhelming urge to buy a T-Shirt???


  2. Anonymous says:

    actually, they brought back 9 more classics!!


  3. friday says:

    yeah they did. kinda wished i’d have waited on that. would’ve bougt two more shirts.


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