Watch NBC Heroes: A Clear and Present Danger – Episode 3×14 (Jan 03, 09)

Have you missed last night episode?

Oh shame on you! hehehehe just kidding. You know, Dumpling can never be cruel. Here you can watch the full episode from last night show: A Clear and Present Danger (click on the image. I could have posted the file here, but wordpress doesn’t allow embed flash code to be posted):

After a long break, Heroes is finally back. Ha! Finally, I have something to do on Monday night again. Yay!

Anyhow, let’s talk HEROES!

The network planned these mid-winter breaks long in advance. Therefore, Tim Kring has chosen to divide the show up into separate Volumes:

-Episodes 1 thru 13 of this season “VILLAINS”


-This volume will be called “FUGITIVES.”

The final scene of episode 13 (click here to watch the final episode of Villains), technically, began this volume. In it, Nathan went to the President of the USA and told him about the “Specials” and asked for a special force, he felt was needed, in order to round them up.

Tim Kring started the new volume by ‘re-set ting’ our HEROES in a way that is more human and earthbound. He ‘fast-forwarded’ the episode 6 weeks into the future since the last time we saw them. Each of them has returned to a version of their “normal” life – even though we may not know how they got there. (but hey, this mystery is part of the fun!)

And that is where the new volume starts!



Read the full recap below!


What we have learned from the week episode:

  • EVERY HERO will be hunted! NO ONE is saved except for Claire (and Nathan himself, of course)
  • Tracey is at home and is on the phone with a governor with whom she seemingly sleeps with. She answers a question of his about Nathan: she hasn’t spoken to him in a couple months, has no idea about what his plans are.
  • Tracey then gets captured by The Hunter. and his team.
  • Nathan as a junior senator from NY, he’s gotten very close to the President in just three months (so it’s about two months since the end of the last volume of the show). What could Nathan and the President be discussing? Nathan won’t divulge this information, but he says he has the security of the American people in mind.
  • Hiro is still without his power. He wants to mold Ando into a superhero. Ando, however, will have none of it.
  • Hiro can implant a GPS-tracking device inside Ando. Hiro has one inside himself, as well. Now, Hiro can find his friend anywhere in the world.
  • Hiro calls up Ando on their communication system, seconds before Hiro is taken by the Hunter’s men. Ando hears the commotion and rides away to try and assist.
  • Parkman and Daphne are fighting because she wants to keep using her powers for the general good – such as stealing money so Parkman can start his own detective agency – but Matt just wants to live a normal life.
  • Parkman starts to see visions of the random Usutu again. The guy tells Parkman that he has a destiny: to be a prophet – Isaac 2.0 is herewith ‘reborn’! :-p
  • Claire overheard her grandmother talking to Nathan about rounding up the Heroes, so she flees to New York to warn Parkman. The men break into Parkman’s apartment and grab Claire and Parkman, despite Nathan’s overheard pleas on the phone earlier to leave Claire out of all this.
  • Mohinder is still alive, back to driving a cab.He seems to have his powers under control. But he’s soon held at gunpoint by the Hunter.
  • HRG works with The Hunter!
  • Sylar tracks down his birth father, only to be told that this man’s brother is actually Sylar’s real dad.
  • Sylar arrives at his supposed father’s home, it’s an ambush. A series of masked men try to take Sylar down. I guess those guys have missed the memo about whom they are dealing with! He breaks free and is left to wonder:

a) who these people are

b) where his real father is.

  • Peter works as a paramedic in NYC. He’s visited by Nathan, who tries to explain his cause and recruit Peter, but the younger brother disagree with him and refuses his big bro’s offer. He then gets tasered.
  • Claire helps the captured Heroes to break free.
  • Peter appears to be transferring powers with anyone he touches. This means he all of a sudden has Tracey’s ability – after trying to free her – and he accidentally freezes the airplane’s wall. It cracks open. The plane is headed down and Peter is being sucked out when Mohinder reaches out and grabs his hand. Fade to black… to be continued!



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