Comic Book Throwback: The Avengers #267, 268, 269 – Kang the Conquerer!

AVENGERS #267, 268, 269 (1986)

– Kang’s BIG Adventure!


For today’s throwback comic, I dug into my Avengers stack and brought out this personal fave…

Bottom Line: U gotts somewhat admire a guy who is not only willing to defeat all of his foes – but defeat HIMSELF!  Imagine yourself –  fighting …..Yourself ….. continuously…… throughout history – and each one of You – is plotting to kill or stop another version of You – until only ONE you is left in time to rule –  [Is your head spinning yet???!]  What ia would-be time conqueror to do??

That is the backdrop to this classic storyline – as Kang the Conqueror – with whom applying the term ‘egomaniacal‘ is an understatement- undergoes this task of eliminating HIMSELF from all other points in history!

(Self-hate, anyone?)

So Kang, actually succeeds in DEFEATING THE AVENGERS -and even goes up against alternate universe Avengers – in his quest for global, galaxial, universal, and chronological control!  [we can only wish to have so much drive and determination]


-BUT- things get really interesting when we discover that Kang the Conqueror is in fact  (drumroll needed here)……….

a future version of DR. DOOM!

Doctor Doooooom bitches!!! haha yeh! Ol Latverian Power-Swagger Himself! lol


Yo – i LOVE this cat’s LATVERIAN PIMP CHALICE! haaa

<– PEEP the power-chord, rock star STANCE! 😀

…..the ‘Kneel before ZOD!’ raised arm- WITH the open hand!  The slight cloak-grasp with his right hand!

……. Okay enough with the Doom-Digression….

So Kang the Conqueror manages to conquer HIMSELF at all different convergent times and realities- and almost succeeds in being the true   Master of Time…. except for one small bothersome detail…

Immortus has already beat him to that claim!

Now first of all – Why in the world would you want to fight someone who calls himself ‘IMMORTUS’?!


Does that SOUND like a fight you are gonna win??

If the man calls himself fuccin’ IMMORTUS – i would imagine that he is posted up – CHILLIN’ – at the Dawn of Time -and simultaneously – at the End of Time. This dude not only knows what you are gonna do – but he knows what you are gonna do BEFORE YOU even know what you are gonna do!

DAMN THE ODDS – this is an exercise in utter futility!


Think that stops Kang from trying anyway? Ha. Think again!

So how does this outrageous classic story end?  You will have to read it to find out!

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