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Comic Book Throwback: Amazing Spiderman #269 & #270 – vs. Firelord!

Amazing Spider-man #269 & #270 – versus FIRELORD! – herald of Galactus Yo – one thing i love about Spiderman is how he  finds himself in some serious SHIT… – yet somehow manages to figure a way out of it!   In one of his classic battles –  our friendly web-head takes on a herald of Galactus – FIRELORD! [see Galactus’ heralds here]   

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WATCHMEN Trailer – Official movie trailer!

  Hands down one of the best  – if not THE greatest – comic book graphic novel ever. And it is about to be arguably one of the best comic book movies ever!   Check out this INSANE movie trailer… and another production trailer detailing Rorshach’s mask!   And of course, there is the official movie website  is backed by

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion NYCC Teaser Trailer!

I’m  geeked becuz it appears that they used the Marvel Comics’ ‘Civil War’ storyline for the game! In my opinion – the Civil War storyline is one of Marvel’s better crossovers in recent memory.     Definitely better than DC Comics’ perpetual ‘Crisis’! Haaa   In any event – check the Ultimate Alliance 2 teaser trailer – looks tight! SCREENSHOTS!

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