T.G.I.F!!!! fantastic friday is on time this time!!!!

dear friends,

let me tell you, it’s been crazy in the new year. new job, new living situation, new friday, back at it again with words of wisdom and craziness. but alas, i’m back in the mix and ready to hit you with a weekly dose of my shots of intellectual penicillin——you know what? i’m just saying big words put together. the little door is for muffin to make a piddle! go muffin, go!

so, jay and dumpling are off to see the Notorious movie without me. i’m still in the midst of prepping and moving (basically still packing), so i watched some E news, and read some blogs about the movie. i’m sure the bootleg is somewhere on the internet already. you know how some people are, always wanting to be first to do stuff……..


tell me this guy ain’t eager! but i digress (that’s a big word-write that down), i could go to many, many, many websites on the net and preview a copy. but here’s the deal: i want that feeling of being there with the crowd, oohing and aahing and damning the screen………

you know, watching the actors, do their thing, then afterwards, hit up some impromptu freestyle battles outside of the movie theatres and possibly get into a drive-by shooting!!! yaaaaay, what are you going to do?

forgive the cheesy graphic, i gotta get back to packing!

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