Spotlight on: Just A Pilgrim!

Grand Central Comics

Spotlight On:


The Pilgrim






1st Appearance: Just a Pilgrim #1 (2001), Black Bull Pub.


Why we like him: Well for one, Garth Ennis wrote him – so as far as I’m concerned, he automatically cracks the Top 50 of comic book characters. Anything Ennis writes is on point. Now get this – Pilgrim is an ex-Marine, a reformed man of God – AND an ex-cannibal! This bible-verse quoting, shotgun-toting psycho wanders around in a post-cataclysmic earth seeking redemption for his past sins (eating people). When he stumbles across groups of survivors – He may (or may NOT) be their salvation! Watch out for the sadistic pirates and mutant jellyfish!!


Moment(s) of fame:  In Vol. 1, killing everybody – even the people he was supposed to help.

                             – In Garden of Eden, ditching his faith in God.


Other appearances: none.


BTW: Just a Pilgrim –the movie – in the works!



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