CHRISTMAS T.G.I.F!!!!! you know you missed me…….

Merry Happy ChristmaHannauKwanzikaJesus Day, everyone!!!

i think i covered the bases for everyone. if i didn’t, leave a comment!!

what’s up, people?! did you miss me? its cool if you didn’t, i need haters to add fuel to my fire. but i digress. this is a very SPECIAL  holiday version of T.G.I.F!!!!!!  and you are taking a ride on the crazytrain headed to pyscho-ville. population: you. and. me. so sit back, relax, take your headphones off and put them back on, and journey with me….

santa: i think he’s real again!

this dude kinda looks like him. how’d he get the jewish locks in the beard, though? who styled that? bet there was no coal in their stocking!!

 its shiny! but like i said, santa’s real! cuz i woke up on christmas day to gifts i didn’t ask for. i made no mention of anything i recieved. but there’s a problem…….did santa break into my crib?! cuz i don’t have a chimney.

 of course that’s not the real santa, but did he take lessons from this guy? i had to go and check my windows……….. but they were good. so i checked the doors….. and they were good as well. so how did this mysterious, well-financed ninja gain access to my humble abode? who’s backing this man? i had to get to the bottom of this. had to tap my resources and spend a little coin.  you like how i’m adding pics to the story? makes it much more interesting, doesn’t it? i know!!! but back to the tale: i spend a few bucks to get some info. trust me, its a lot easier than trying to beat it out everybody you come across at night. like a certain masked vigilante named BATMAN.


but i never did get any real answers. i only spent a lot of money. so you know what the moral of the story is? cheese tastes better with the crab meat banana pudding and a glass of lima bean chianti. so picture that in your head and try to taste it. i’m off to hang with people who do strange thangs for chump change.



About Friday

Connoisseur of comic books and culinary amateur extraordinaire, attempting to balance passion and hobby with life occasionally getting in the way.
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