Jay’s Top Ten Vampire Movies!!


I know it’s almost Christmas and this is more of a Halloween-type posting

– but I just saw a great Vampire movie the other night Soooooo….

In honor of the newly released, instant classic vamp movie- LET THE RIGHT ONE IN – my first thought after seeing this was “Yo – this movie just cracked my top 5 of vampire movies!!”

Since that was the case u know i gotta do a Top Ten list. Everybody loves a Top Ten list! Top Ten babes. Top Ten Movies. Top Ten Albums. Top Ten Myspace/Facebook friends – u get the picture…

So here is MY Top Ten Vampire Movies list. This ain’t the official Best vampire movies list ever – this is MY list. If see some of your faves – hey say so – if you have any others to share – leave a comment.

I always like to read about others top tens!

So – in no particular order –  here we go!

  • Interview With the Vampire – For a few reasons: I love Anne Rice novels. little Kirsten Dunst was awesome. Antonio Banderas was cool! Also the period pieces and overall story was great. But Tom Cruise was so-so as Lestat.



  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula – Yo GARY -freakin- OLDMAN played the shit outta Dracula!!! And Winona Rider as Mina Harkness!! And Anthony Hopkins as Van Helsing?! This is Dracula story done right! Eh…oh yeah…Keanu Reeves was in it.


  • The Lost Boys – C’mon now,  u KNOW I got this one in here! By far the Coolest of all vampire movies ever! ‘Sleep all day? Party all night? Never get old? NEVER DIE? This movie made me want to be a vampire :o) . One of the best ’80s movies – It had the two Corey’s at their peak – lol – And young Keifer Sutherland way before Jack Bauer.


  • Let the Right One In – My latest fave! Just so damn different and haunting I’m waiting to see it again. And then I’ll own in on DVD for repeat viewings!


  • Fright Night – Another ’80s classic! Creepy and funny and totally entertaining! And William Ragsdale ( dude that plays Charlie ) kinda looks like Tony Romo! ha! or visa-versa? Anyway – the shit was badazz -AND- it features THE biggest, most creepiest mouthpiece. ever.

fnmouth <–that’s just nasty!!

  • Vampire Hunter D -and- VHD: Bloodlust – One of the very best anime ‘movies’ of all time. ‘D’ is one baaad futhamucker! Hunts down a 10,000 yr-old Drac in the original…. In Pt. 2 -Bloodlust – he teams up with vampire hunting brothers against a group of supernatural mercenaries! CLASSIC STUFF.

vampire_hunter_d  vampire-hunter-d-bloodlust-posters

  • John Carpenter’s Vampires – Maybe because I was shrooming when I first saw this – but I thought it was visually the coolest vampire movie of all time! And I’ll take James Woods over Van Helsing any day.


  • Dusk Til Dawn – Now THIS is a vampire MASTERPIECE! Total mind-f**k! Tarantino starts us on an outrageous crime spree movie, and takes us thru titty-bar HELL. What follows is Blood. Gore. Insanity. and Selma Hayek semi-nekkid
  • .selma Honestly – what more can one ask for??!


  • Queen of the Damned – Aaliyah made a fine Akasha- but- it was Stuart Townsend’s perfect Lestat that did it for me. How come they ain’t bother making any more Vampire Chronicles with Townsend???


  • Blade – Only once in a while does a movie adaptation come out perfect. As much as I love comic books, I was never a fan of Blade (who is??) Blade the movie was perfect.


So there u have it! I’ve seen plenty others like Underworld and Near Dark – they get honorable mentions. But these are my stand out faves.

Got any to add to the mix feel free! :o)

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